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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Graphic45 tag...........

I used some more of the Graphic45 double-sided cardstock for this tag.  It measures approx. 6"X3".  I rounded the corners on this tag.  First I painted this tag with Studio Landscape Green.  When it dried, I painted over it with white gesso and added some clear Stickles before it dried.   Next I painted over those layers with Ranger's antique Crackle.  When it dried, I rubbed Ranger's photo Distress inkpad over the crackle effect until I had it down into the cracks.   I tore a 1" strip of the same cardstock and edged it with brown ink before adhering it to the tag near the bottom.  Next I used two Storybook labels cut with the Cricut and layered them together with tiny star brads.  I wrote the "to/from" with a fine-point Sharpie; then, I glued them to the bottom of the tag as shown.  I used some of the Graphic45 Christmas postalz cut from a sheet of their cardstock.  I ran these through my small Xyron sticker-maker and stuck them on the tag.  I used a strip of stick-on red star gems to the left side of the tag and randomly placed green gems around the tag.   I tied a red ribbon on this tag.

Red Joy tag.....

I love the texture on this red cardstock..........and it is such a pretty red.  ")   This tag measures approx. 2"X4".  I stamped the "Joy" with gold ink and edged all around the tag with a gold-leafing pen.  I used a fine-point Sharpie to write the "to/from".    Next I wrapped a 1/2" piece of white twill around the tag below the writing and secured it with a gold enamel Bo Bunny brad.  I also used a gold square brad at the top of the tag.  I placed a Bo Bunny rubon below the white twill.  I tied the top of the tag with white sheer ribbon.

Santa tag

This tag measures aboout 3"X6".  I love combining my rubberstamps in all my art.  Here I have stamped a Santa face directly on the tag and colored them in with Copic markers.  I have used a double-sided cardstock (which I use in most of my paper arts) on this tag.  I tore a piece about 3"X3" and used the reverse side.  Then I edged around the piece with brown ink.  I angled this piece a little upwards and secured it to the tag, hiding a bit of Santa under it.   Next I used some Bo Bunny rubons for the top and bottom of the tag.  Then I stamped the sentiment in green ink at the bottom of the tag.  I edged the tag all around with brown ink and added the gold  paper trim to the right side of the tag.  I tied a green ribbon through the top of the tag.

Musical notes tag.....

This is the smallest tag I made, but I think it is the sweetest.  It measures 2 1/2"X2 1/2".  This one was actually cut on the Cricketcut.  I tore a piece of red cardstock about 1" wide and edged it in brown ink.  I then tore a piece of music cardstock about 1/2" wide and edged it with the brown ink.  I adhered the music paper to the center of the red paper.  Then, I used tiny star brads and placed them directly over some of the music notes.  I adhered this piece to the tag and edged all around the tag with brown ink.  I used a Sharpie to write "To:/From" and added the red ribbon through the hole at the top.

Christmas Tags

Here are some of my Christmas tags.  I actually taught a class the first of the month using these tags as my examples.  I used about three times this number before I got all my gifts wrapped; but, that included the stocking stuffers, too.  ")   I love making tags for any occasion. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Birds for Minori

Christmas Birds for Minori, originally uploaded by inkybru.

I made these for a friend for Christmas and have decided to make some or myself. Hmmm, that gives me 4 days to get them done! ") Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh. LOL I'm sure it will be after Christmas before I get anything else posted. Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!

Sharla's table at Thanksgiving.............

This was our Thanksgiving table at Sharla and Chris's home.  (Chris is the one that folded the napkins.)  I'll post one after Christmas of their tree and all our family in their home for Christmas Eve when we exchange gifts.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is my Christmas card to everyone who comes to my blog.  Merry Christmas!  I do hope you know the true meaning of Christmas ...............and whose's birthday it is.  ")    My favorite Christmas hymn is:  "O Come, O Come, Emanuel!"   And, Emanuel means:  God with us.  When that babe was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, it was the beginning of "God with us" in a way that the human existence had never known.  Today we can have that experience in a very personal way:  believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.   I pray you all will have a Very Merry Christmas as you experience the love and joy of being with your family and friends.  And, heres to a better New Year for all of us!   My love to you all, sharon/inkybru of inkybruSTUDIO

Published in Stampers' Sampler Dec/Jan2011 issue

This is the cover of the Stampers' Sampler that I was published in for Dec/Jan 2011.   Andrea Ockey Parr from Farmington, Utah, had her Tempting Template submission put on the cover.  Congratulations! to you, Andrea.  It is a lovely the colors!....and the image is so precious!  (the bird is from Inque Boutique and the elf/sentiment is from Stampin' Up!)   This is one of the prettiest cards I have seen in quite a while.  Lots of good stuff in this issue.................if you can still find one, buy it!
This is the other card on the next page.  It is a Get Well card.......I don't know why they didn't pull it up enough to show the sentiment.  This is some more of the SEI the coordinating papers in the pack.  ")   I used a pink corrugated strip across the top of the card to mount the flower on and drew the leaves and colored them in with a metallic watercolor pen.  Also used lime green corrugated piece behind the flower on the ribbon.
This is a view of the inside of the envelope, too.
The swirl stamp is by Rhonna Farrar of Autumn Leaves (?).........    The photos of the cards out of the envelopes were taken before I sent these submission to Stampington.  I try very hard to remember to photograph everything I send as a submission because I very rarely have them, that is.  If I send in a book or a journal, I send postage money so it can be returned to me. 
This little card was on the next page.  I love this little girl image .......another B-Line Design stamp.
I stamped her 2X and cut the dress out of the decorative paper and layered it over the little girl image.  She just looks like she might be missing someone.  ")   Sentiments are by Stampin' Up!
This paper is by SEI (Mimosa) and the page that has the little flowers on it is just loaded with them.  They are perfect to cut out and layer..and snip so you can curl them up and make them look three dimensional.
Three cards on one page!  Stamps on this page were B-Line Designs (Beverly Seymore) and Stampin' Up!  I just loved the image of the man and woman kissing and they were dressed in black and white.  So, I thought "Wedding!  The embossed white paper I used for the ribbon around the envelope on this one is a piece I had been saving of ages...........and it was just perfect for a wedding congrats! 

The Birthday Girl is one of my favorite images from B-Line.  The envelope is a flocked cardstock.

The paper I used for "family reunion" is from Scenic Route......
alas, it is no more :(..........I bought several of Sarah Milne's craft papers that have a design running up the left side of the papers.  This one had a tree and just begged for those little birds of Beverly's to be stamped onto it.  ")    I used one of Allie Gower's "Metal Works" flowers for the center of the ribbon.............and they didn't even give her credit for it!!!  I've
sent in several cards to Stampington with her Metal Works on them and this was the first they've published.  (sorry, Allie :( 
I think this is my favorite card that I made for this challenge.  (Catherine Moore stamps, of course!
I stamped the lady three times to get skin tone, the dress and the bowtie; then, I cut the dress and tie and layered over the skin tone image.  I used Copic markers to color in the hair and face features.  And, then stamped the tea tray from the same papers as the dress and used it to embellish the paper ribbon around the envelope.  (These are my very favorite colors!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ooops! technical problems..............

I have 6 cards published in this issue of Stampers' Sampler, but at the moment
either this website or my computer is not letting me upload any more pics.
Gotta go check out the problem.  Will upload more photos when I figure it
out.  ")

View of card outside envelope

This is a view of the card outside the envelope.  As you can see, I also used a sticker on the inside of the envelope.  I used a coordinating black/white dotted paper on the inside.  I used another flower sticker on the lower right-hand corner of the card and added a tiny rhinestone to it.

Cards published in the Stampers' Sampler Dec/Jan 2011

The Stampers' Sampler always has a template challenge entitled "Tempting Template".  For this issue it was an open envelope with a 3"X5" card.... index card style.  I loved this challenge!  I immediately had papers all over my studio.  ")  This image from B-Line Designs is one of my favorite rubber stamps.  I stamped her with black ink and colored her in with pencils.  I used a stick-on label on which to stamp the sentiment (from Stampin' Up!).  The envelope and "ribbon" are papers from DCWV's Bella Boutique stack pack.  The "celebrate" medallion used on the ribbon is also a sticker from this pack.  There are many flocked papers in this collection.  The pack contains:  black and white, ecru and ivory papers.

RSM Holidays 2010

This is the RSM magazine that has my White Rabbit card publication.   I love this cover done by Annie Frazer of Minnesota.

Published in RubberStampMadness Holidays 2010-2011

I love this image of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
This card was chosen by the staff at RSM for their "Alice Revisited" section.  I had taken a class with Allie Gower on using Copic markers and used those markers and the techniques learned on this image and the teapots, cups and watch in the border.  I love using those markers!  I really wanted my image of the rabbit to have a "storybook" look.  I kept remembering all those pastel pictures from books I used to read and tried to give this image a similiar look.  I'm so glad RSM liked it!   RubberStampMadness is truly a rubberstamper's magazine.  I love that their focus is still rubber I am addicted to it!

(Rubber stamps used are from Tweety Jill)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Night at last!

This is what they had all waited for......night fall and time to light the candles in the jack-o-lanterns!
The large one in the middle is the one that everybody helped carve for Dillon since he was not feeling well.   This was the highlight of the, night.  ")

Thank you very much, Aunt Sharla and Uncle Chris for all that you did today!

Voila! a Jack-o-lantern at last!

Cody was very pleased with his jack-o-lantern.......and he should be!   I love the mouth on this one!   He did such a great job on it.

Cody starts Carving

Cody finally started carving his pumpkin.  Jacob was very interested in every cut.  ")   Aunt Sharla was finally able to sit down and relax a little.

Watching Over it All

Cody was so interested in watching everyone in the process of opening up these pumpkins and carving that he was last to get started on his own.

Funny man!

Here's the little funny man with his jack-o-lantern.  As you can see, Uncle Chris helped quite a bit with the carving.  Jacob was so excited to have his photograph taken with the finished product that he nearly dropped it to the ground.  ")

Tiny hands..........

Uncle Chris is guiding Jacob's hand as he carves a face into his pumpkin.  (Mom is getting his pic as he carves.)  Jacob is three and thinks he can do anything the big guys do.  ")

Addy's jack-o-lantern

This is Addy's jack-o-lantern.  I love that she carved "Boo" on each side of his head.  Also like the little "birthmark" on his cheek!   What an imagination!

Emma's jack-o-lantern

This is Emma's finished product.  She was quite proud of it.  I love the slant of the eyes and that diamond shaped nose!  '0

Like Little Rat Terriers!

I loved the enthusiasm and tenaciousness that these girls had digging out these pumpkins!  They didn't rest a moment until they were completely through.  It was obvious that they were having a great time together.  The redhead is our only granddaughter and the other little girl is her best friend.
This is Mason's finished jack-o-lantern.  Notice all the stitches on his face.  ")   Mason thought this might make it look a little more scarey.

A Guiding Hand

Uncle Chris instructing Mason on the use of one of the carving tools.  Mason cut all the features into his pumpkin himself.  I thought he did a great job for a 6 year old.

What about me???

Jacob (in the forefront) just couldn't wait for Aunt Sharla to cut the top out of his pumpkin.  The girls were already digging out the insides of their pumpkins.  They were anxious to get to the seeds so they could save them to roast that night.

Fall Break - Pumpkin Carving

Featured are the results of a loooong afternoon at Nana's with lots and lots of help from Aunt Sharla and Uncle Chris.  It was Fall Break for all the Bruner grandchildren.  Their aunt and uncle took them for breakfast, a trip to the Philbrook Museum of Art, to the pumpkin patch, bought lunch and brought the pumpkins and lunch to Nana and Papaw's.  As soon as the subs were devoured, the kiddoes were out the door and claiming their pumpkins.  Uncle Chris opened carving tools and started demonstrating safety and then showing and guiding little hands at the work of carving.  From the youngest to the oldest (well, not really the oldest as he was inside lying down with a sick stomach), they all went at this adventure with gusto!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

The sun was part of a tag I got from StampDiva
(  I cut the front part off.   Above the sun is a in English and one in French (from French General).   ("Mon ame se situe au soleil."  "My soul lies in the sun.)

I just realized that this is the last photo I took of the album.........I forgot to photograph the back and it is beautiful!   Mary Mata has some collage sheets.   I cut a large picture to cover the middle of the back was of an Italian goddess overlaid at the bottom with a piece of a lire and
up the side with a postage stamp.  Also at top was a beautiful sunflower.  The colors were cantelope, aqua, sepia and just a touch of pale sage.   Stunning!  (Maybe I can see Sandy when they get back and I can photograph it.)

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I love these papers from Scenic Route (no longer in business, but Sarah Milne, the designer has an
online shop....just Google her name).  The Paris faux postage is from Mary Mata.   The sentiments on the left paper were so appropriate.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I loved using the Mona Lisa in this pocket!  Sandy will be in Italy on her tour.........I'm hoping for a postcard from there.  ")   I thought the library card might come in hand for jotting down a schedule, or places seen, etc.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

This is another Paris tag from Cavalini.   I need to do my own journal with those in it!  LOL

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

The little butterfly marks the opening to the envelope.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

The white page is a large envelope I added to the book.   I added two of these......more storage for Sandy to put keepsake papers and items.  I added a faux postage friend Judi gave me a booklet full of these little beauties (and a box full of other things!  ").

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I love these pages!   These are the map pockets sewn into place.  I added the Milano postcard and the Paris tag.............they just made the pages!

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

Added a beaded flower to this page.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

Here the deeper pockets are sewn on and I have added a vintage Christmas postcard to the pocket for Sandy.   On her trip, she is going to buy a Christmas ornament from every country that they visit. 

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I used a map tag from Graphic45 and slid brown ribbon stitched in aqua though it.   I felt like it really added a lot to this page and the color was perfect.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I love seeing the threads on the spine crossing over the brown ribbon!  One more signature to go!

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

Another page of water themed papers!  :)  I used deeper pockets for these pages as Sandy and I had a long conversation about postcards.........namely her buying me some (I sent some money!) and sending a couple of them from one or two ports of call.  ")   I'm sure she will have some long folded pamphlets, too, that will need deeper pockets.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

Here you see the map pockets with the brown pages before the pockets are sewn on.  Just couldn't resist using the map paper for her journal.  ")

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I really like the seashell papers with the luggage labels for pockets.  I also like seeing the brown waxed linen thread in the seam on this paper.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I decided early on that each signature would have pockets in the middle.   I also decided that they would sewn withstand many items being tucked into them.  I used many different colorful papers for the pages......I wanted this to be a fun journal for Sandy to have with her.  (This paper is from Scenic long a company, but Sarah Milne is the designer and has an online shop.....just Google her name.  ").

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

I added three ribbons completely across the covers and spine od the journal.  I pulled the top and bottom ribbon inside the covers and glued them down.   I left the center ribbon ends free to use a tie for the journal.  When I began to sew the signatures in, I crossed over the middle ribbon and really liked the look of it.  I love this vintage French taffeta ribbon!   I have bought it several times ( in a couple of the colors, but always come back to this lovely chocolate.

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

This is a view from the spine of the book.  I used the gold filigree paper trim to cover the middle section of the front of the book.  (shown in an earlier photo)

The Making of Sandy's Journal

I have taken two journal classes:  my first one at WaterWorks in Tulsa many years ago; and, one with Sara Hanlon in April 2010.  I first made my covers and spine and covered them as one unit in some very fibrous handmade papers.  I decided how many signatures I would have and proceeded to punch the holes through which I would sew them to the spine. 


On July 13, my cousin lost his only son in a car wreck.  His son was a US Marshall and a County Deputy Sheriff.  Tom & Sandy had already booked a European cruise and tour and I'm glad they did not cancel it..............I feel like this will be a healing process for them.   In light of the cruise, I made a journal for them to take to write in, stick pamphlets, postcards, etc into pockets.  They are taking the cruise with some very close friends who have always been there for them.  I dedicate this journal to their son, Jeff and his remaining wife and two little sons.