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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looking at journals.............

In the evenings, we would gather
in the garden at the hotel and look at journals, visit and sometimes eat.  ")  This night we were looking at the journals everyone made to bring with them.  Some (like mine) were very simple with pockets for stashing little goodies (like used Metro tickets, receipts, business cards and tags from clothing, scarves, shoes, etc).  I also had enough pages to write a little recap of our day before going to bed each night.  Pat had a rather elegant one with a material covering.  She was adding pictures and ephemera each day.  It was great to sit and discuss the different styles we had used and also to discuss what projects we might launch into in the coming year. 

Photographer at work.....

Judi was trying to get a good shot of Notre Dame from this side of the river.  We found that we could get a great picture of Notre Dame if we were standing near the bookstalls.  You can see Barb's back as she searches the bookstalls for something to catch her eye........and not the pocket book!  ")

Treasure found!

Here is Pat showing off her treasure that she purchased at the bookstalls.  She is the Queen of Unburied Treasures!  (Of course, it might helps to know exactly what you're looking for!)  I think I was so excited to actually be in Paris that I was trying to look at everything at once and not focusing on a particular item.  It took me a few days to settle down to some idea of what I really wanted to find at bookstalls/flea markets.  And, then, there were so many shops to look into!  I was sad we were only going to have 9 days to wander through the streets to discover buried treasures.