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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Queen of Hearts - art doll

This is the art doll that I made for Jan for the June art swap.  I love altering playing cards and decided this would be a good body for this doll.  I first used alcohol ink on the card to get the gorgeous dark pink (raspberry).  I used the Catherine Moore Character Construction rubber stamp Venetian Tea Party lady for the face.  I stamped her face over a heart and cut the heart out and attached it to the back side of a white slide mount to frame the face.  I used Sarah Milne's (Scenic Route) Loveland collection for the hearts.  I cut out a large heart to cover the body of the card.  To this I added eyelets for the arm attachments and the keyhole and key (Tim Holtz).  I used the Tim Holtz swivel clasps for the arms.  I attached hearts to the "hands" and added heart charms to the right side.  One of the sentiments on this paper was "i {heart} you".   Lastly, I added the gold crown and the gold scepter (cut from one of the gold trims I bought at StampDiva.)

Miss House Wren - art doll

This is an art doll that I put together  practicing for an upcoming swap in my art club.  I love Catherine Moore's Character Constructions rubber stamps that consist of beautiful faces, body parts, clothing and accessories.  I chose Miss House Wren because of her beautiful face.  I stamped her 2X:  once on a white tag and once on decorative paper.  I colored the face on the white tag with pencils.  I cut out both faces and  attached the tag face over the other.  Next I stamped the torso of the Venetian Tea Party lady on striped decorative paper.  I cut out the torso and attached the face to it.  I stamped the arms on one of Catherine's Belle Jardiniere papers of a tree, placing the arms overthe limbs with leaves.  I cut these out and attached them to the blouse of the torso.  Next I stamped a bird cage (Stampers' Anonymous) over a large robin on one of Catherine's papers and cut out.  I glued it to a heavy piece of cardstock and cut it out.  I attached it to the waist of the torso.  I stamped the legs from the French Laundry #14 set onto the same striped paper as the blouse.  I cut these out and attached them to the lower part of the torso.  Next I cut out and glued the bird in the cage to a sturdy piece of cardstock; I punch a hole in the top of it and a hole in the right hand.  I used  a gold thread to tie through both holes and it hangs at her side.  I cut the nest and the small bird from Cavalini's Bird & Nest sticker set and attached them to the doll as shown.  I used the tiny bird and "d'oiseau" from the French Laundry set and stamped them on tiny tags that I glued together for a "front/back" to tie to Miss House Wren's hat.  I tied varigated green threads through the top of her hat.  I added a touch of lace at the top of her blouse.