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Friday, April 26, 2013

Art Doll for Judi

 This is the art doll I made for Judi in our club swap.  I had seen Catherine Moore's animated doll on her website and just loved it.  Of course, Catherine's doesn't look as clumsy as mine does!  I love Catherine's Time Keeper images.  I thought this really put a new twist to the TK's character.  ")  The stars are sticker and I used two for each wire.  They are stuck to one another around the wire so they will stay on the wire.  I wish I had had those micro mini brads to put her together.  The ones I used look too big.  (Judi brought me a box full of goodies for my b'day and she had some of those little brads included! )  The bra is glitter ribbon.  I love this 4th of July look for this doll.
                                                                    This is a folder that I made for the doll.  I continued in the red, white and blue theme.  I added stars also.  The paper is French General.

 Inside the folder I added some information on the left and a paper doll costume.  On the right I added a pocket to put hold the doll.  I stamped the paper doll string on the pocket and added some stars.  I wrote her name at the top of the page.
                                                            This photo shows Miss "Sparkles" out side the pocket.

Dresses for Dress Banners

 This is the first dress template I received for our club's Dress Banner round robin.  Sara is doing dresses and slips.  I love the little slip template.  I added lots of French ephemera that I picked up on our trip to Paris.  Also the little dress tag was so appropriate for this.  We are signing our work on the back of each piece.
                                                                                     This is the front of the slip.  The text and image piece is a scan I took from a fashion pamphlet I bought at an antique book market.  I loved the tiny flower print of the decorative paper I used for the dress and added lace to the bottom of the text piece and a strip of ribbon at the top.  The little heart is a button.  The "adore" is from my Smash stash.