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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Luscious food in the Orsay Restaurant....

Cheesecake with strawberry sauce.
This was wonderful!  The pasta salad with fried salami, cheese slices and basil topped off with a little pesto.  ummmmm!

Scrumcious chocolate cake and sweet cream sauce.

Reunited with Friends at the Orsay...

Here are Judi and Pat talking to Catherine.  I wish I could remember the names of the other ladies in her group.  (so sorry!)  Kimberly Hanlon is at the far right across from Catherine and Jan.

Here I am with Susan and Sara.  Sara and I had actually met in an art group that Susan and Judi were also in at Tejas Stamps in Collinsville in 1999.

Here is dear Kimberly.  She and Sara feel like family to Sharla and I.  Sharla and Kimberly had barely met when the Hanlons had to move to Minneapolis.  Kimberly is a very creative young lady.  She has a degree in fashion design and later went back to get her law degree.  Her law firm is now in Minneapolis.  I have a bear that Kimberly made while living here in Tulsa.  ")  (Mr. Sammy Bear)

Orsay Museum

Our day at the Orsay Museum was to meet Catherine Moore and her group that were in Paris the same week as we were.  In fact, Catherine is the reason for our smaller group to be there.  I had seen her advertisement for her 2011 Artists' Workshop in Paris..........I had purchased the magazine in March of  2010.  I immediately called my friend Sara and suggested that some of us sign up for it.  She told me that she and her daughter Kimberly had already signed up and that I should call Catherine immediately.  Sorry to say, her roster was already full.  She had started a cancellation stand-by list and put me on it.  In the meantime, I talked to Pat Rogerson in England and Susan Wilkin here in Oklahoma.  Soon we were saying, "Why not form our own  group to go?" and we ended up with our group of six.  Here is Jan in the dining room of the Orsay.  We had lunch with Catherine's group and were able to meet the women in her group......well, and two men.....two of the husbands came, one being Dale Moore....Catherine's husband. 

Here is Susan sitting by Sara Hanlon at the other table.  Sara and Kimberly had recently moved to Minneapolis due to Kimberly's acute broncchial asthma.

Susan, Jan and Barb waiting on the rest of us to leave for the Orsay Museum.

Sorry this is taking so long................

I am having difficulty working with my hands.......I am afraid I have arthritis settling into them.  I
can't seem to work very long without them hurting dreadfully.   Some days I just can't type at all and
cutting and painting are becoming difficult.  I take a daily glucosamine with chondroitin and it is helping.  Lord willing, I will be able to work more the longer I am on this.  Thanks for your patience and your comments to me about this adventure I was able to take.  ")