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Monday, January 24, 2011

Final cover!

Ok, so I think this is the final cover for my Alice book!  LOL  I've got to get this in the mail before I do anything else to it!  Inside the keyhole is the tiniest Queen of Roses!.....but she looks very angry!  I had some black book rings with jewels, but they would not fit through my 1/4" holes on this book.  I finally dug some out of one of my drawers and tied on the ribbons.  It'll have to do until I get it back in October!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alice in Wonderland sign-in card

This is the back of my Alice book.  I used a library card pocket to hold my sign-in card for the artists that work in my book.  I used an Alice in Wonderland playing card featuring the Cheshire cat as the Joker to decorate to pocket.

Alice card w/instructions for book

I made this card to accompany my book throughout the round robin.  Inside are the instructions for the artists that will work in my book.......not many instructions as I want the artists to have free reign with their creativity.....but I do have 4 cards included that I would like to have certain themes on them.

Alice in Wonderland round robin book

This is the cover of my Alice in Wonderland book for the round robin my art club will be doing this year.  I used Heidi Swapp's giant cards for my pages.  I'm waiting for some book rings that I ordered to arrive so I can put my book together before I mail it out to the first person who will work in it.
I have wanted to use this "Dreams" key for quite a while and it just really fit the Alice theme.  Tim Holtz's definition tape to the side of the key is the definition for "dream".  How cool is that!  You will have to wait until October to see the end result.