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Monday, October 7, 2013

Art Doll for Pat

This is the art doll I made for Pat.  Since it's almost Halloween, I just naturally had to use Catherine Moore's beautiful little witch (Bird & Paperie #20).  I think this little beauty has the sweetest face ever.  ")  I stamped the skirt (French Laundry #6) on acetate and placed it over tissue paper decorated with jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and orange stars.  I cut the tissue paper to fit the form of the skirt.  I stamped the bodice and the sleeves on watercolor paper I had made by squirting orange and brown and let it run together to make the dark lines.  (The moon was circle punch from a corner of the same paper.)  I stamped the collar and hat onto black paper and the face on a scrap of manila folder.  I attached the bodice to the skirt with a black mini-brad.  I also used these mini-brads to attach the arms.  The hands were also stamped on a piece of scrap manila folder and cut out and then glued to the ends of the sleeves.  I cut out the face and glued it to the cape/hat piece.  I also attached this to the top of the bodice with the black mini-brads.  I then added a row of the black mini-brads down the front of the bodice to mimic buttons.  I added an orange flower cut from the watercolor paper to the brim of the hat with another mini-brad.  I stamped the candelabra and the bat on more scrap manila paper with black ink.  I cut these out and glued the candles to one hand and tied the bat with black thread and attached it to the remaining hand.  I then stamped the "spooky tree" (Nature Study Plate #1) onto grey watercolor paper and cut it out, topping off  some of the thinner branches.  Lastly I stamped the cat (Inner Child #2) onto another manila scrap with black ink and cut it out.  I tied 2 bows from purple baker's yarn and attached one to the cat and one at the neck of the cape.  I used a "BOO" Bingo card (Jenni Bowlin) as the background and attached everything except the doll with glue.  I used velcro dots to attach the doll to the Bingo card.  This allows to Pat to remove her from the card and display her in other ways.