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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Statue of Liberty

This is my 14yr old grandson, Dillon.  I thought the Statue of Liberty I stenciled on boxes for our Vacation Bible School was a tall tower until my 6'1" grandson stood next to it!  I made three of these statues:  one for the art room, one for the stage, and small one for the preschool class to use as a puzzle.  Great fun!

Back of Minori's page

I covered the back of Minori's page with red cardstock.  I stamped, colored and cut out Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the Mad Hatter and glued them to the lower part of the page.  I cut out the Queen of Hearts from my TJDesigns clip art.  The top sentiment is from Graphic45 and I used Microsoft Word to type and print out the other sentiment.  I used the white/red ribbon for trim and added the star rhinestones.  I hope Minori is happy with her Christmas pages.  ")


Wow!  Can't believe it has been so long since I have posted!  What a busy summer.......grandchildren here most days.  With working mothers, it's a necessity for us to have them here during that time.  We have such adventures!   and great memories!  Hopefully, now that school is in full swing, I'll be able to post more of my work and other things going on in my life.    (Like a trip to Paris!!!  yes, leaving the in a few weeks with friends in my art group and meeting another group there.....will definitely post my journal when I get back and many, many photos).  ")

Photo:  Mason, Jake, and Emma headed to the river with Papaw.

My page for Minori

This is the house that Jack built.....................ooops!  wrong story!  LOL   Actually, this is the house that Sharon built for Minori.  This is the continuing round robin of Alice in Wonderland books for our art group.  Minori LOVES Christmas and asked for Alice in Wonderland at Christmas time.  Therefore, the tag reads:  Merry Christmas from Alice & Co.  I free cut a Christmas tree with "Alice" peeking from behind and added a bow.  I also tied a bow around the house to tie in the front.  I have some Alice in Wonderland cards and cut the sentiment from one of those plus the numbers and suites that I added along the bottom.  The December 25 square is from Graphic45.  I added a star brad with red rhinestone to top of the chimney.