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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Purchasing our supper

Here is Judi coming out of the bakery with her goodies for supper in the garden.  I am paying for mine at the cashier at the door.  We usually bought a quiche, a sandwich, a salad or a piece of pizza when we were dining at "home".  ")
These are French macaroons. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!  Not only pretty, but delicious.  They are so chewy.

Look at all the sweets!  We always had a hard time trying to decide what to sample next.

We thought we would try this beautiful strawberry cake the next night, but, alas, it was gone.

Famous Paintings in the Louvre

How tiny she seems in this vast room!  Also, the protective glass around her seems to add to her diminutive state.  I always think of this painting as very large.....even though I have read how small it is (30in X 21in) compared to so many portraits of this era.  But there she is in all her beauty..............and it was very difficult to get to the front of the crowd to get a phto without dozens of heads in my view finder.  ")

Just the opposite of the previous painting, this one was so large (approx 22ft X 32ft/or 276in X 391in) and so full of activity.  I had to really look for a spot to hold my camera above all the visitors to the masterpiece.  I was so suprised that it turned out as well as it did.  We were not allowed to use a flash on these two photos.  I cannot imagine the time and patience it took to paint each individual at this wedding feast plus adding the details of the buildings and the utensils, and instruments......whether utilitarian or musical.  A fasinating work.

The Louvre

 Judi walking past the street lights and that gorgeous fence.
Here you see the glass pyramid constructed by the famous I.M. Pei.  It is so beautiful with the sunlight shining through it.  We did not get to see it all lit up at night, but everyone said it truly is a beautiful piece of art when seen at night.

Here you see Judi at the bottom of the stairs that leads up past the Winged Victory of Samothrace and on to De Vinci's Mona Lisa and Veronese's The Wedding Feast at Cana.

On to the Louvre

I don't know why these photos posted out of order........oh, well,  this is the Gate of the Lions entrance into the Louvre Museum.  The Lion are quite regal.

This man was set up at the end of the bridge that crosses over just up from the Orsay Museum.  He had quite a "band" at his disposable....and he sang!  He was really good with all the instruments and had a really nice voice.  Notice the top hat sitting in front of him for tips.  ")

Here is a closer view of him as he plays the trumpet, drums and melody on the accordian.

This is the beautiful fence around the museum.  As we walked through the park toward the museum, the fence and light posts were dazzling in the sunlight.