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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hotel Des Grande Ecoles From the Street

This is the street in front of the Hotel Des Grande you can see from the hotel sign.  It is uphill all the way! 

After entering the gates, a cobblestone drive leads you up to the top where you encounter the garden and to the left is the main hotel lobby and office.  To the right is the Garden Bldg.  (I never heard what they called the two buildings that flank the drive.)

This is one of the gates (doors) that are closed at night.  To get back in one has to put the device attached to the room key up to the electronic reader next to the gate.  When it buzzes you can open the door and get in.  These doors are massive.  Notice the keypad and key reader to the right of the door.   Also the handle on the door.

Jan and Barb's room......

Jan and Barb had a room on the top floor.  It was a long narrow room and their window opened out over the garden.  Their room came with a fan because there was definitely no "flow through" of a breeze up there.  I show you their room because after the first day or two our maid did not put the bedspreads on again.......because we took them off every night and folded them up and placed them in our chairs.  No sense in putting them on if we were only to take them off again, huh?  ")  The beds look very pretty with the spreads on, but they were crocheted and those little knots drove us nuts when we wanted to sit on our beds.  Look how neat those girls were!

(Photos courtesy Barb Wenkel)

In the Garden..........

This is another view of the garden at the hotel.  This area is to the left of the door at the front of the hotel.  I believe the hotel has 50 rooms, so you can see they have lots of seating outside.  There is also a dining room inside.  The weather was so nice in the mornings and the evenings that we always sat outside.....breakfast in the mornings, supper or just visiting in the evenings.

Here is Pat coming over from the Garden Bldg.  Her room was on the top floor and Susan's room was down one floor directly under Pat's room.  (Doesn't she look ready to lead her little duckies on a tour?!  We threatened several times to make her a little flag to hold up as she led us around Paris.  ")  What would we have done without her?......not as well, I think!  Thank you, Pat, for putting up with us!  Love you!)
The windows in our room (Judi and Sharon) were very tall skinny windows......OPEN all the time because there it was very hot and air conditioning.   About 2AM it would cool down and we could sleep under a cover.  ")  Sometimes we even opened the door to our room to encourage a draft or draw of air through the windows and the room.  It was such a surprise to some of neighbors in the adjoing room.  LOL   But, all in all, they would just smile and say good day or Bonjour.    (We never left it open at night, of course!)  The view from the window was across a private drive into the apartments you can see.  We had some interesting views from this window.  Every morning an old man would come out on his patio and draw or proof read a manuscript (well, that's our story, anyway!  LOL).  On school days the sounds of children skipping, laughing and talking would draw us to the window to see them being escorted by fathers/mothers down the drive and through the gate.  The school was close by for we could hear the children in the day time playing on the grounds and also hear the school bell ring.   Late at night we could hear the revelers from the local pubs/resteraunts as they laughed, talked and sometimes argued on the street just outside the drive gate.

Our room number was 106 and we had a very short hallway with a door to close it off......which we always left open.  Occasionally one of our neighbors would close it, but not often.

This is the man on the patio to the left of our window.  He was there every morning....very diligent on his work.

Hotel Des Grande Ecoles

Susan, Jan and Barb waiting in the garden for everyone else to be ready to go out for another fabulous walk or adventure on the Metro.  Below is a view of the front of the hotel.  The office is just inside the door.  Judi and I were on the second floor and Jan and Barb were on the top floor of this building.  Susan and Pat were across the garden in the Garden Building.  (The apartments you can see in the background just over Barb and Jan's heads were actually across a private drive that was under the window in our room (Judi and Sharon).