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Friday, August 29, 2014

Faces #6 and 7

 I was probably more pleased with this face than any other I have drawn so far.  I started using my Copic markers to get the face coloring and shadows.  I also quit using the Stabilo Alls pencil because it smears so easily.  I am happier with the results.
I love this one!  I used raw umber and white to get the coloring right.  She looks so pleasant.....
or maybe just pleased with herself.  I've got to get with it and do another face!  I'm loving this challenge.  ")

Faces 4 and 5

 I thought this face had a sweet look to it.  I did my background in green, so I had to gesso in the area for her face and neck.  (I had gessoed the whole page first.)  I really didn't want her face to be green.  ")  The hair leaves a lot to be desired, but that just means I get to practice, practice, practice.  LOL
Face #5 ended up rather a mess.  I had spritzed some color ink across the page.  Once I started trying to make shadows with a slightly wet paint brush and was pulling the lines in from my Stabilo Alls pen, it began to smear really badly.
Bless her little heart.......I'll have to try her again without spray inks.  ")

Masterboard Published

 This is Stampington's Take Ten Autumn 2014 issue.  I'm very excited to have my masterboard published in it!  I love going to the mail box and finding that I've received one of their magazine's with some of my art work in it.  This page shows the masterboard and one of the cards that I made with a panel cut from it.  
This page shows three more cards with panels cut from the masterboard.  I love making master- boards.  I never know what the finished work will look like when I start a piece.  Thank you Stampington for allowing me to be part of your publication!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dina Wakely

 July 25 and 26 my friend Judi and I went to Oklahoma City to take some art journal classes with Dina Wakely.  Our first class was drawing faces.  The first thing she had us do was draw a face.  This was my "before" Dina Wakely gave us any guidelines.  I'm so glad I took this class!  Within three hours she had us drawing faces........
for real!  She is a great teacher and her humor is priceless!
 We painted our journal pages and did some stencil work before we began to draw.  We did some preliminary work on scraps.  Dina helped us align the eyes nose and mouth.  She gave us great tips for the eye brows and nose alignment.
After she worked with us, it seemed such a simple thing, but I had never even tried faces in any of my art work.  This lady was drawn over the green paint.  Therefore my sentiment:  "She was green with envy".  ")
The hair on this lady really has a blue tint in real life.  We used a Stabilo Alls pencil to do our drawing.  We then wet - lightly - a blending brush and the lines became our shadows.  It's still taking practice, practice, practice!  Dina told us that if we committed to 100 faces, we would be surprised at our progress.  I have done seven so far and will be posting more later.