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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sandy's Journal (cont'd)

The sun was part of a tag I got from StampDiva
(  I cut the front part off.   Above the sun is a in English and one in French (from French General).   ("Mon ame se situe au soleil."  "My soul lies in the sun.)

I just realized that this is the last photo I took of the album.........I forgot to photograph the back and it is beautiful!   Mary Mata has some collage sheets.   I cut a large picture to cover the middle of the back was of an Italian goddess overlaid at the bottom with a piece of a lire and
up the side with a postage stamp.  Also at top was a beautiful sunflower.  The colors were cantelope, aqua, sepia and just a touch of pale sage.   Stunning!  (Maybe I can see Sandy when they get back and I can photograph it.)

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