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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2nd page for Journal Soup 2

I've finally finished my second page in Kathryn Crane's Journal Soup 2.  I love doing these pages!  I learn something new about adding layers every time I work on a page.  The colors used on this page were red, pinks and a touch of blue.  Torn papers were laid down first and a light coat of paints applied.  While those dried, we worked on putting together little houses from various background papers.  Kathryn has some downloads with this class, but I had several background pages done with acrylics and cut my house from one of those.  The roof is cut from a photograph I took of a piece of dead wood I saw one day as I took my walk to the through our woods to the river.  I cut my door and windows from black washi tape that has white script on it.  When another coat of paint was applied, we wrote or drew pictures in the wet paint and let it dry.  After my page was finished, the only word visible was the "love" at the upper left side of the page.  Since I had written it in with a pencil, it was barely visible and I wanted it visible for this page.  I used my white Signo pen to write over the word to make it visible.  I stamped a few graphic watch images to the page and used a piece of a nerf gun to make the round circles that I later whited in with the Signo pen.  There are a few black "Xs" visible that were made with the opposite end of this piece.  I added contrasting pieces of washi tape to the lower left of the page and to the upper right of the page.  I added my house and used a black pen to outline on it.  I cut scallops from the painted paper I had made and added one long piece to top right side and a short piece to the lower right side.  I outlined these pieces with a black pen and added a black dot in each piece of the scallop.  I also drew in a scallop next to the left side of the house.  I used a black pen to draw it and highlighted it with the white Signo pen.  I cut words and numbers from a magazine and added these.  Beside each number I wrote with a black pen some of the things that a house/home are to me.  I added words to the house and one below the house.  I drew a few "flowers" to the right of the house.  I used the white Signo pen to draw circles around some of my graphics.  I also usedthe white Signo to draw groups of little "x's".  I used the black pen to outline my words and the numbers.
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