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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bookstalls on the Bridge

These bookstalls have been on the bridge for centuries.  Some families have been renting the same one for 100yrs or longer.  There are some very pricey books, papers, prints, etc., but there are also bargains to be found.  And, of course, there are the usual touristy trinkets among the treasures, too.  You can see Jan's back as she looks over the wares of the sellers.

Notre Dame

This reknowned church needs no introduction......and it was within blocks of our hotel.  It was amazing how many times we viewed it from other locations.  The architecture is mind boggling.  I was fascinated by those flying buttresses and the beautiful rosette window.  (You will see a better photo of the window when I post our photos from the River Seine boat trip.)  This is another place that I saw only from the outside.  I kept thinking I could return to places.....and this would have been the easiest to return to........but it just seemed as though our time in Paris passed much too quickly.  (dreaming of a return trip "). 

Shakespeare in Paris?

              Judi is standing in front of one of the first "sights" that we visited in Paris.  There were so many people inside and I was so jet-lagged that I just could not make myself go inside.  This English language bookstore was opened about 1937 in tribute to one in the 6th arrondissement.  It is also a reading library.  This location  had an appearance in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" movie.  I really thought I'd come back later in the week and take a peek.......but with so many other plans daily, it just didn't happen.                                                                                                                                       

Arrived in Paris at last!

At last we are in Paris!  Our dear friend Susan Wilkin (in center) was also on our flight, but the customs and baggage situation separated us and we ended up taking separate taxis to the hotel.  Waiting for us there was our "online" friend, Pat Rogerson (left) who is part of our art group.  This was our first time to meet face to face!  It felt as though she had been right next door all these years.  (6yrs)  ")   We landed about 9:30AM and could not check into our rooms until after 1:00PM.  So we hauled all our luggage into the office and hallway and took off on a tour of the neighborhood, led by our new friend, Pat.  We were to be a part of this little neighborhood known as the Latin Quarter in the fifth arrondissement for the next nine days.