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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project

If you love working in art journals, try this challenge by Art House Co-op.  You choose a journal and a theme (or they will assign you one) and you can also pay to have it digitalized....they will send you the journal and you have until January to work in it.  Thousands of journals will then tour the US and finally end up at the Brooklyn Art Library where they can be viewed on line.  I entered with my son-in-law (who actually encouraged me to do this) and I am very excited about it!  Can't wait to get the book and start working in it.  Try it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finished card

This is the finished project.  I truly enjoyed working on this card.  The projects that our art club has embarked on this year have been challenging and great fun.  Everyone had such neat ideas for this round.

Back of Bingo card for Sara

I cut a piece of cardstock to cover the back.  I swiped the cardstock with Celadon, Robin Blue and Amber Clay.  Then I colored the "B" with Tangerine, Robin Blue and Ochre.  I attached the letter to the upper left corner of the panel and used a black pen to finish out the word  (...ingo).  I used the stamped image of the head at the bottom of the panel.  I used punched birds and a punched moon to finish the panel.  Finally I wrote the sentiment to Sara.  

On the back of the tag, I used the Tangerine, Celadon and Ochre to color it.  I stamped the bird
with brown ink and used a black pen to write the sentiment.

Altered Bingo Card for Sara

This is the Bingo card that I altered for my friend Sara in our art group.  I started with ColorBox fluid chalks (cateyes) and colored in the background.  I chose: Amber Clay, Parchment, Celedon, Robin Blue, Ochre and Tangerine.  I stamped the Post Card w/birds onto a pale orange cardstock with black ink.  I used a cotton swab to color the breasts of the birds with the Tangerine.  Then I cut a postalz sticker to fit the postage stamp area of the image.    I stamped and cut out 2 images of the paperdoll.  I glued the wings to the card and glued the first image over the wings.  I cut out the post card image and attached three sides with 1/8" WonderTape, leaving the right open to make a pocket for the tag.  I cut the tag out of cardstock and used Parchment, Tangerine and Robin Blue fluid chalk to color it.  I cut out the stamped wings image and attached it to the front side of the card.  I used a black pen to write my sentiment.  The chocolate ribbon was then tied to the tag.  Next I attached the second paperdoll image with dimensional tape directly over the first image, allowing the feet to "stand" on the metal trim that I attached over the bottom of the card.  I used the Robin Blue chalk to color the wings and Crimson fluid chalk to color the cheeks.   From a small bingo card, I cut out the number 4 and "B" column heading and attached it to the card with the tiny Tim Holtz paperclip.  Finally I added the flower with the button center to the hands of the paperdoll.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the road in Arkansas

Well, we ran away from home July 24.......our 45th wedding anniversary was July 23.....we thought we deserved some time away.  ")   We literally just wandered around western Arkansas.....north to south.   It was so relaxing!  We were gone for five days and nights and are ready to go again!.......anywhere!   We loved the beautiful Oachita National Forest, Oachita Lake, and many of the national parks in this beautiful state.  We drove to the top of Magazine Mountain...highest in Arkansas....centrally located.  Lots of winding roads and fishing streams.  We even visited a CCC site that was well documented and had almost every foundation left from every building that had been there.....housed 200 men back in the 30's, 40's........but they tore it down in 1947 (really sad that they's really some interesting history for that state).  We visited many, many rock shops.....even found crystals lying around in some of the state parks (just tiny ones).  Met some very interesting people......which we love to do.  ")   It was a great trip for us and we returned very refreshed!  Also checked out some fishing sites with cabins that we may go back to visit very soon.