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Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Dress Banner: Finished!

I hung the dress banner on my bedroom wall above the futon.  Next week my bed will be underneath the banner.  Just couldn't wait to hang it up...........hmm, I may have to hitch it up a little higher.  Amazing how you don't notice those little things until after you posted your pic!  LOL  My first thought with the birds was, "Oh, no!  They look like antlers!"  I love them anyway and am so glad to have this project completed.  It is such a shame that so many of the projects I have started are boxed and put away or in drawers awaiting me to remember where I have put them!  LOL   After I rearrange my bedroom, I'll take another photo for an update.  ")

Birds Galore!

I decided it was time to think of a way to hang all those darling little dresses I had received in the last round robin for the art club I'm in.  I had seen a little clothes line with tiny black bird clips to hang things on.  Well, I searched and surfed until my vision was blurry and my hand going numb!  Couldn't find them on any of the sites I could remember visiting.  So I decided I'd just have to make something similar.  I had a few tiny bird cut-outs and thought they would be about right to put on the ends of clothes pins and that way my little dresses would have birds on their clothes line.  I used some of my alcohol inks and smeared them together on glossy cardstock.  Next I drew around some of the little birds to get a pattern going.  Then I decided to make one of the patterns with a scalloped tail.  I ended up with 9 dresses (3 of them my own design) and would need 18 clothes pins.  Therefore I had to have 36 birds.  I cut them out, being careful to have sets of birds facing each other.  Once I got them cut out, I attached them with glue dots to 1 3/4" mini clothes pins.  I wanted the clothes pins to be attached to the clothes line.  When I tied them to the "line", it just looked to messy and bulky, so I used a very strong clear glue and placed a dot of it in the recessed area of the pin and pressed the line down into it.  This process took a few days because I wanted to be very sure that it was dry and the pins very securely attached before I moved each pair aside to measure for the next pair of birds.

Halloween Tag for Sara

I love making things for people who appreciate them and Sara is one of those most appreciative ones.  I am fortunate enough to have a handful of those special friends.  I know Sara is crazy about Halloween, so I had been contemplating making something for her.  One day I received a surprise in the mail from Sara.........a Halloween art tag!  So it didn't take me long to get busy and work one up for her.  ")  I used this heavy silver cardstock that I had splattered with copper metallic paint as my base.  I love the stars and circles on a scrap I  had and cut a piece to go across the top of the tag.  I stamped a crow and perched him on top of that strip.  I decided to do Miss Pumpkin Head (Bird & Paperie No. 8, Catherine Moore's Character Constructions) as the main character.  I stamped her body on striped orange paper and cut it out.  Then I stamped her head on a light tan paper and cut it out.  I fashioned a bowtie from some black/white striped material (it's almost like organza but has a little polyester in it) and tied the pieces together with a thin orange ribbon.  I then gathered some and put it at her waist and added a thin strip of the orange ribbon.  I cut a small section of the orange tissue paper printed with spider webs and spiders (received from Sara) and pleated it for the skirt.  I stamped another crow (Madhatter's Tea Party plate #4, Catherine's CC stamps) and placed him on her arm.  I punched out the black fence and glued it to the bottom of the tag then positioned Miss PH on the tag.  Next I made a "HAPPY Halloween!" sign with purple background and attached it to the left side of the tag.  I tied a strip of the black/white material strip to the top of the tag.

More Halloween ATCs

 Another personal trade in the Halloween theme.  This little witch is my favorite face in all of Catherine Moore's Character Construction stamps.  I have really changed from only orange and black at Halloween to lots of purple and green.  ")  The clock face is cut from tissue paper that I received with another trade wrapped up in it.
I really do like the two shades of orange on this dotted paper.  I cut the bow for the cat from a piece of glitter tape I have.  And, of course, since the cat had a little glitter, I couldn't let the spider's web be drab and added some Stickles to it.  ")  This is for another personal trade.  As you can see, I've used so many of Catherine Moore's Character Constructions stamps.  They are so finely detailed and there so many to choose from!

Halloween ATC

I was in a very Halloweeny mood this month!  Sometimes the holiday just passes me by.  For some reason I just kept creating artwork that expressed those spooky and eerie images.  LOL  I did this piece for a personal trade and was very pleased the way it turned out.  I love that broom with the mask!  And this little darling bird is dressed up to go for a ride!  LOL  I printed the sentiment on the computer and cut it out to look like a sign.