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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Published in The Stampers' Sampler

 I was shocked to see these little guys appear in the Spring 2016 issue of the Stampers' Sampler.  I nearly threw these away!  The rubber stamp is made by All Night Media and I love using him for almost any celebration.  He usually appears on birthday cards but I decided on Happy New Year cards for this submission.  There was really a mad party going on!   Such excited little guys!   I guess staying up until midnight makes some people go crazy!   I utilized one of my corner punches on the white panel for this card and backed it with a gold metallic panel.
(I really enjoyed making the little banner for their party.  :)
 This trio looks like they're heading down the street in a samba line!   Each little horn has a rhinestone in honor of the New Year coming in.   Once again I used the gold metallic paper for backing the front panel.
This lonesome little guy isn't letting being along damper his spirits for New Years' Eve!   He even has the countdown going on!   I topped his hat with a rhinestone an gave him some shiny eyes.   I also used the corner punch on the top layer of this card.  The gold metallic paper was layered under his countdown strip. My, he is celebrating!
     Okay all you shy, hesitant closet stampers.............start submitting those little creations of yours!  I know Devon and the gang are anxious to see what you've been up to!   Thanks again, Devon to you and your staff for working so hard to keep these magazines going.
     Happy creating!  sharon  aka  inkybru

Published in Take Ten

I usually photograph my submissions before I send them in.   Forgot to do so with this one.  Therefore, the shadow on the left side of this photo is from the roll of the magazine as the card was next to it.   I could not get it to lie any flatter, so please excuse my horrible photography.  :(
     This card was sent in for the design challenge that Take Ten always has in their isssues.   I love doing them as I like a challenge!   But, alas, I don't always have time to get them in by the deadline.  
     So, I was very glad to see that this one not only made it, but was published!
These are some of my favorite colors:  the turquoise, lime green (or chartreuse, if you prefer :) and orange.   The paper I used contained all these colors!   How exciting is that?!   The reverse side had the lime green design and was perfect to show off the orange dragonflies I stamped and cut out to add to the circles.   I love the tiny blue bird washi tape that I used at the top.   I thought this made a delightful card.
     Thank you, Devin Warren and all your staff at Take Ten for the great work you do!
     Happy creating!   sharon  aka  inkybru

Published in RSM

I've been a little slow at posting some of my latest published cards.  This one was published RubberStampeMadness' Spring 2016 issue.  My very first publication was in RSM in 2003!   WOW!  Thirteen years ago!  Goodness time does fly when you're having fun.  LOL   The theme for this submission was filmstrips.   We were given some templates to use if we desired.  I have this wonderful rubber stamp of this man.   Well, I say man, some say "men".   Sorta of like, tomayto, tomahto?  LOL  I have always thought the man on this stamp could have been a 30's or 40's movie star.   I knew immediately that I was going to put him into the filmstrip.   The stamp also is called "One man show" (the reason I think it's man instead of men.....hehe).   
     I had some decorative paper that had filmstrips on them, so I cut a strip to go on the left side of the card.   I copied the template on card stock, stamped the images, cut them to fit the filmstrip and attached them.   I also cut a piece in a different color to layer with the filmstrip to make it stand out.   I hand cut stars from the same piece and glued them around the card as shown.   I used embossing powder to make the "Congratulations!" really pop.    I was very pleased when Roberta notified me that my card was being published.   Thank you, Roberta, and all your staff for continuing with RSM!
     Happy creating!   sharon  aka  inkybru

A Bird in the Hand

I have become enamored with wall hangings.  I had received some from my art sisters in the past and had tried my hand a few times.  So, I awoke one morning and had this great desire to make a few.
     Anyone who knows me is aware that I love birds and aqua: pale aqua extending to turquoise.  I have quite a collection of chipboard, ribbons and washi tape.  I really wanted to use some of stash and thought this would be a great way to utilize it.
     I also have a die for cutting birds (Sizzix).   This particular die has two birds.   I love to cut these birds on double-sided papers, and that way I can choose whether to have them facing each other, or wings to be different, etc.
     To start, I painted the large piece of chipboard with a thick acrylic paint ( Dina Wakely).   I chose the turquoise for the panel to allow it to be my sentiment background.
 After the paint dried, I used my parallel calligraphy pen (Pilot) to write the sentiment onto the panel.   I also cut out a butterfly to add to the left corner of the panel.  I adorned the butterfly with an aqua rhinestone.  Lastly, I added a faux postage sticker to the panel.
 I have used one my favorite butterfly stamps on this panel.  The rubber stamp is made by: savvy stamps.  The ink I used for this butterfly is Kaliedacolor's
Caribbean.  I also adorned this butterfly with a rhinestone.
 I die-cut this bird from a text paper and sewed him to the decorative paper I had cut for this large tag.   The paper had a hand on it and I sewed the bird to the hand.  First I had given him a washi tape bandanna.   Next he received a rhinestone eye.

At the bottom of the tag I sewed on a strip of ribbon lace and then a ribbon over the top of the lace.   I attached the organza flower to left side of the ribbon.  The  little bird at the bottom was also part of the decorative paper.

I have always said (to ANYONE who would listen....LOL), "Let your paper do half the work for you".   Here is a prime example of how the paper fit into my theme for this tag.   Keep your eyes open to all the possibilities!   Thanks for dropping by.    Happy creating!   Sharon aka inkybru