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Saturday, September 11, 2010


On July 13, my cousin lost his only son in a car wreck.  His son was a US Marshall and a County Deputy Sheriff.  Tom & Sandy had already booked a European cruise and tour and I'm glad they did not cancel it..............I feel like this will be a healing process for them.   In light of the cruise, I made a journal for them to take to write in, stick pamphlets, postcards, etc into pockets.  They are taking the cruise with some very close friends who have always been there for them.  I dedicate this journal to their son, Jeff and his remaining wife and two little sons.


  1. Sharon, I am certain Sandy and Tom will appreciate the journal you made for them....made with a whole lotta love.

  2. Thanks, Sara. I did get to talk to Sandy the night before they flew out to Amsterday and she was so excited about receiving it before they left. She really appreciated it.