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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Published in Take Ten Summer 2016 - Coming June 1

 I received the Summer 2016 issue of Take Ten today.   One of the cards that I had made for a previous challenge was picked to appear in the pages of this magazine.  I love this cover!   Isn't that a darling card they chose for the centerpiece?  I am always inspired by the many artists that get published in each issue.  It is amazing to me that there are so many artists with so many ideas and I have never any two remotely alike.  I love the challenge of trying to put together a card in 10 minutes.  I never throw anything away that I stamped or started for another project.   It may just be the thing needed to quickly put together a Take Ten card!
This was a very quick card to put together.  I used a line of paper from Scenic Route by Sarah Milne.  All of the sheets I have are double-sided.  Several have sentiments printed on them and I used one of those here.  I cut a panel from the printed card stock and layered it onto a card.  I adhered a ribbon across the lower half of the card.   Then I punched three circles from a coordinating card stock.  I used glue dots to attach a gold butterfly to each green circle.  I stamped the word "SOAR" onto the striped circle and attached them as shown on the upper half of the card.
        I am always thrilled to received a magazine from Stampington & Co!  I feel very privileged to be published in any of the magazines.  Thank you, Devon Warren and staff for putting this magazine together for us.

Another sign of Spring......

The Golden Finch is back.....but not in the numbers we have had here in the past.  There were times that the flocks would completely cover our front yard.   This year's flocks barely lined a portion of the driveway.   The thirsty little guys lined the watering pan I have sitting on a slab near our outside water faucet.

These little guys are really light up the yard when they land.  They were busy eating the bud covers that had fallen from our elm tree.  It really saddens me to see such small numbers.  I wonder what's happening to the Golden Finch population?   A topic I will be investigating.

This photo shows birds on both sides of the drive.  It is such a small showing compared to previous years.

This single little Finch was sitting above the watering pan waiting for a place to perch.   It was like watching musical chairs as one batch of birds would fly off from the pan and another four would immediately take their place at the watering hole.