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Monday, August 24, 2015

Tag Swap 2015

I'm a member of an online art group that has several trades/swaps each year.  This year one of our swaps was Technique Tags.  We used large shipping tags to showcase our art and the technique we chose to demonstrate.  On the back of the tag we described how the technique was accomplished.  I made this tag for Minori, our member in Japan, who dearly loves Christmas.
 The technique used on this tag was "Embossing on Adhesive Sheets".  First I used my fingers to rub in magenta and yellow acrylic paints for the background colors.  Next I stamped two Christmas tree images, embossing one them in silver, and tore pieces from the adhesive sheet to place along the bottom of the trees.  I used white embossing powder to mimic snow.  I also added a strip of the adhesive sheet to the bottom of the tag.  I stamped one bird, cut it out and adhered it to the "snow" at the bottom.  Then I added an enameled bird next to the stamped image.  I stamped the sentiment at the top of the tag.  I attach a coordinating ribbon to the top and stamped other Christmas sentiments and cut them out.  I added these sentiments to the ends of the ribbon.  The technique process was printed out and adhered to the back of the tag.
                                              Sara's Tag - Brushed on Glimmer Mist
 This is the tag for I made for Sara.  First I used my Tim Holtz edger die to make a decorative edge along the bottom of the tag.  From the beginning I had decided I was going to use this image of the 1914 lady.  I had been saving this image for ages for that special project and this just seemed to be it.
 After letting the Glimmer Mist dry, I stamped the image in the lower left corner of the tag.  Next I cut out the lady and glued her to the right side of the tag.  I used a sheet from a bank ledger (sent to me by Sara) to cut the numbers that I attached above and below the lady.  The I tore a piece from the ledge that actually had 1914 written on it and attach it to the top left of the tag.  I then stamped the butterfly image below the torn piece and added the rhinestone.  Next I added the two flowers.  Finally I added the pink/grey ribbon to the top of the tag.
 Closer view of the torn ledger paper and the numbers cut from the ledger paper.
           The techniques process printed out and attached to the back.
                        Marsha's Tag  -  Antiqued Glimmer Mist Technique
                   (A process I learned from Pat Huntoon at Technique Junkies)
This is one of my favorite techniques.  Using Tim Holtz's Distress Inks, rub the Tea dye an on a craft sheet.  Then use 2-3 Glimmer Mists and spritz lightly over the ink.  I used turquoise and Vanilla Breeze.  Rub the tag around in the inks and turn over to rub opposite side in the inks.  Stamp sentiments/images and decorate as desired.  I love this little gal from Stampers' Anonymous/Tim Holtz.   The background stamp, Paris postale is from B line Designs.  The star is a hand-carved stamp of my own.  I added the text tape (from 7gypsies) and torn text paper at the top.  Finally I added the plastic dots and the pink ribbon.

I'm so sorry to say I did not get Judi's tag photographed.  It's very upsetting to me to forget to photograph a piece of art that I'm sending out.  I try to keep a record of all the art I do, but sometimes life gets busy and I forget.  :(        This has been another great year of trades!  I'm already thinking of new swaps/round robins for next year!  Lord willing, I'll be around for them.  Happy creating!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Take Ten Autumn 2015

I just received the Take Ten Autumn 2015 issue from Stampington & Co.  I will add the url link for this magazine as soon as I receive my badge from Stampington.  I have three layouts of three cards each in this issue.  The cards they have chosen are some that I truly loved when finished with them.  So many times I do a set of cards, send them in, and then wish I had done so much more to them.  However, for Take Ten the idea is to create a card as quickly as one can.  I really relish challenging myself to see how quickly I can come up with a finished design that has some WOW-factor to it.  The ones that are in this issue met those particulars for me.  If you have never sent in a submission for publication, give it a try!  I waited way too many years to feel confident in myself to do so and wish I had started much earlier.  I feel I'm the antiquated old aunt in stamping quarters.  LOL  But it doesn't matter how long or how recent the time since one has started in this passion, just go for it!  One thing I said in the interview of my recent Guest Artist appearance in the The Stampers' Sampler is:  Never compare your art work to another.  Others may be inspired by and see beauty in your art work that you don't see.  We are all different and that's the very thing that makes art ART.  Keep on creating!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Contest over......Summer coming to an end...............

It's hard for me to believe no one tried for Stampington's free magazine, The Stampers Sampler Summer 2015 issue.  But I know this is a busy season.  In the summer, we're all outside enjoying the warm weather because we know it's not going to last.  Many schools around here will start their new year TODAY!  My youngest daughter and her two boys will be headed out to school in about an hour.  It's been a rainy summer here, which is quite different for Oklahoma.  I've got new projects to start and post...........just as soon as I get back from an "girls only" trip I'm taking the next five days.  It's been hectic around here with my sister-in-law in the hospital.  Another daughter and I have been alternating staying with her this past week and that will continue when we get back from our trip.  I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer to the fullest.   I also hope that you have had time to dream up some new projects to start when we are forced to stay indoors with the cool, blustery days ahead.  Keep creating!   Keep blogging!
Cheers!  inkybru