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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Round Robin 2015 completed:

 These beautiful pages are by my dear friend and cohort in many, many activities........not only art!  LOL   Judi chose the letter "L" and gave me a two-page spread of laces!  I love this!  What a great variety of laces to adorn any art work, whether cards, journals or books.  I am thrilled that she added the little "price tags".  This really gives it a catalogue look.  I'm so glad she added the buttons.  This reminds me of book that Pat did one year.  Great idea!  Thank you, Judi!
The next two spread were done by another dear friend, Sara, who was born under the sign "Pisces" , and, therefore has done the letter "P".  I love Sara's fish and sea pages.   These are themes that appear often in her work.  I really admire the skill and patience it takes to lace the sides of the pages.  What a lot of work to put into someone else's book.  So many images on these pages:  fabric, rubber stamped, ribbon, bathing beauties and even embossed writing on the Pisces definition.  

This second two-page spread that Sara did features seashells and more fish.  Just below the seashells Sara has added a fish image that she cut into three pieces before adding the image to the page.  I really like the waves she has added on the mulberry paper.  The various blues, epoxy dots, and 3-D pieces at the bottom of the second page shown here really give great depth to her pages.  Sara has sewn tabs on all the pages from some muslin that she had dyed.  At the top of each lacing, she added a sea-themed charm.  Very nice touch.  Thank you, Sara!
 This two-page spread is by another dear friend and art sister that I finally got to meet in Paris!  I love Pat's "tea-themed" works that she creates.  The Catherine Moore images she has stamped on these pages are some my very favorite.  I really like the "Tea for Two" she has stamped on the page.  I often refer to the two of us "having tea" when I email her.  Pat stamped, then cut out the ladies and adhered them to the pages.  Her addition of the hats, umbrellas and clothing added a dimension to her page.  Wonderful "T" she has used for her "T" (Tea) page.  ")  Thank you, Pat!

These pages were created by another dear friend and art sister, Minori.  She lives in Japan and I have not been privileged to meet her in person.  But, I do know she loves Christmas and flowers!  This two-page spread shows her love of roses.  She has chosen the letter "R" to create a page dedicated to the Rose.  Minori has laid down a coating of gesso and added color and sparkle under her images.  I had never seen the angel image she used on these pages.  They are adorable!  She has used many a different color for each one.  Minori has added die-cut roses from decorative papers and text pages.........a very nice addition.  She has also die-cut a lattice work and added randomly around the page.  I'm imaging the lady in the image on the left is looking out her window and admiring her rose garden.  Thank you, Minori!

TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND ART SISTERS that worked in this book.  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with me!  I do appreciate all the work you have done to decorate my life.  I know how hard it is to meet deadline when life is throwing so many things in your way.  Again, thank you so much.  I cherish each of you and your work.

Stamp Diva Round Robin 2015 completed....

 For my Alphabet round-robin book ,
Jan used the "B" page for "Bicycle".  I was so pleased because I have a great fondness for bicycles.  I thought she used some wonderful bicycle images for these pages.  The children in the bottom image on the second page are so reminiscent of my days with my brother and my cousins as we rode our bicycles down our street carrying a "hitch-hiker" on the back.  Thank you my friend and art sister, Jan.

                                    Marsha's   pages:
 These pages featuring those sweet little "House Mouse" critters are perfect for her "F" pages she has entitled "friends".  The quote on the second page says:  "Friendship isn't a big's a million little things."  These pages are full of such friends engaged in numerous activities.  I love all the action here.

Marsha chose the letter "M" for a second set of pages.  Wonderful movie images!
Love the camera on the tripod.  I can almost hear:  "lights, camera, action!"  The gold letters and star and such a great touch to bring out the theme of this page.
I'm so glad Marsha used her own handwriting to make the "Movies" word marquee on the second page.  She wrote all around "Movies" words that are associated with this "scene", so to speak.  :)   Thank you, Marsha!  What a great friend and art sister for doing two wonderful two-page layouts for me!