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Friday, April 20, 2012

Final Fleur-de-lis Canvas

Fleur-de-lis Canvas, originally uploaded by inkybru.
This is the final piece. I corrected the spelling error and spritzed some of Glimmer Mist gold across it. I dry brushed pink all around the edges (sides) of the canvas, signed it and wrapped it again for Abby!

Fleur-de-lis Canvas

When I first visited a friend's new house, I found that her young daughter and I shared a fettish for France's fleur-de-lis.  We also love the color combo of pink/black/white with just a touch of gold when appropriate.  ")  So I set out to paint a canvas for her birthday.  Well, I have missed the mark by a month but am finally finished with the canvas.  I painted an 8"X10" canvas with Studio's "painterly pink", dry-brushing most of the color onto the canvas.  I then used Studio's "charcoal black" paint on my fleur-de-lis stamp.  I stamped this image 4X, once half off the canvas.   Finally I used Apple Barrel's acrylic white paint on my small fleur-de-lis stamp and stamped several X randomly on the canvas.  As an afterthought, I used a small brush pen to draw two black fleur-de-lis on the canvas.

I wrote on the canvas with the small brush pen and as I was about to upload it to my blog, I noticed that I had misspelled "fleur".   I had spelled it "fluer".  I could not believe I had even wrapped it and was ready to take it to Abby.  So I had to unwrap the gift and have a "do-over".  ")

Iris Bed

I wish I had photographed this bed before I cut all the white ones that are trimmed in purple, but we kept having rain and the stalks were so long that they were all falling onto the ground.  I cut them and made a beautiul bouquet of them.


I love these white irises trimmed in purple.  They just seem to light up my iris bed.  The stalks have been extra long this year sporting 5-6 blooms.  They have made wonderful bouquets in my vases.

This delicate pink iris has tiny pink flecks in the falls.  They are hard to see in this photo, but if I enlarged it, the photo actually became very blurry.  I think they are such a great addition to an iris bouquet.

This little beauty is such a striking bloom.  I think the light lavendar tops really set of the darker lavendar falls.  Stunning, isn't it?  ")