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Friday, August 21, 2015

Take Ten Autumn 2015

I just received the Take Ten Autumn 2015 issue from Stampington & Co.  I will add the url link for this magazine as soon as I receive my badge from Stampington.  I have three layouts of three cards each in this issue.  The cards they have chosen are some that I truly loved when finished with them.  So many times I do a set of cards, send them in, and then wish I had done so much more to them.  However, for Take Ten the idea is to create a card as quickly as one can.  I really relish challenging myself to see how quickly I can come up with a finished design that has some WOW-factor to it.  The ones that are in this issue met those particulars for me.  If you have never sent in a submission for publication, give it a try!  I waited way too many years to feel confident in myself to do so and wish I had started much earlier.  I feel I'm the antiquated old aunt in stamping quarters.  LOL  But it doesn't matter how long or how recent the time since one has started in this passion, just go for it!  One thing I said in the interview of my recent Guest Artist appearance in the The Stampers' Sampler is:  Never compare your art work to another.  Others may be inspired by and see beauty in your art work that you don't see.  We are all different and that's the very thing that makes art ART.  Keep on creating!