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Sunday, November 2, 2014

November is here...............

I painted these pages with brown, light orange and gold paint.  I stamped and cut out about 40 leaves to go around the edges and layer some under my journal squares.  I love Autumn! and it really doesn't seem like the season is in full swing until after Halloween.  We had our first freeze Halloween night, which it usually does.  We have had some hot nights for those little tricker-treaters, though.  I hoping to be able to have some time to enjoy this month a little more.  We started the first day off with some of our girls and a sil coming out to help cut firewood.  They labored in the woods while I labored in the kitchen.  ")  When they arrived back at the house, I had homemade chicken and dumplings and homemade biscuits ready.  (Need I say more?!  LOL)

October is gone........

Pumpkins, cats, spiders.......Oh, my!!!  It's hard to believe that October has come and gone.  What a busy month it was around here!  I worked the first two weeks for a local Mom's Day Out.  I love being with those little ones.  The ones I was with range in age from 16 months to 2yrs.  What fun!  Love watching them engage in their art projects.  They did many Halloween themed painting projects.  How they love to paint!!!  Their reactions to the paint brush in their hand was marvelous.  Can't show any pics (I'm sure those of you with little ones understand the precaution).  It was amazing to see some of their motor skills at work, from the littlest who barely dabbed to the oldest who really handled brushing on paint quite well.

I loved putting the paint down for these calendar pages.  Love that purple with the orange.  These colors always bring visions of Halloween to me.  Some people really put black at the top of their Halloween colors, but I love these two.  ")  I did attend a really great Halloween party.  My friend Kimberly has her sisters and nieces and nephews over every year for a really great, creative time.  They all make their own costumes!  It was awesome!  (I bought kitty-cat ears and tail.  ").