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Friday, November 4, 2011

Along the Seine...............

What a varied skyline................I was so wowed by all the windows, roofs, turrets, etc.  I probably missed a lot along the way, but this is what interested me.
Isn't this incredible?!  Love those chimneys.....and those tiny round windows to the attic rooms.  All that decorous trim makes it look more like a cake.

In between these two buildings sits the tiniest house in Paris......two rooms.  ")

Marvelous structure!  I especially like that the end building has a curved roof line.  I really like the shorter building to the right, too.......more of the old-French architecture.

Crusin' down the Seine....

 Wed. evening Pat, Jan, Judi, Barb and I took the cruise down the Seine River.  What a marvelous opportunity for taking some great pics of many of the sights around Paris.

There are many great styles of architecture in the buildings standing on both sides of this river.  This same style is seen on the Ile de la Cite.

Bridges, bridges, bridges.............I couldn't believe all the various styles of bridges that cross this river in the city proper......crossing over to Ile de la Cite and Ile Sainte Louis, of course.

Scarves, scarves and more scarves....

Susan and Pat found this beautiful shop in the neighborhood and we all just had to go shop there.  On our day out, Judi and I each bought a scarf.  The colorful array of scarves lined up on the walls was such great eye-candy.  You can see some of the just beyond Judi and the cashier.

Look at this chandelier in their shop!  It was so perfect for them.  The colors really blended well with all their scarves and jewelry.