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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Charm for Pat

This is the charm I made for Pat's necklace.  She wants "lost & found" items on her necklace.  She had made the remark to look in the bottom of our jewelry boxes.  Well, I did and I found this tatted butterfly that I bought in Belgium in 1987 while on a trip with my daughter Sharla and our friend Gerda from Rotterdam.  The poor little butterfly was so discolored and dirty that I decided to paint it with white picket fence paint by Distress Paints from Ranger.  When it dried, it was so beautifully crackled and I am so sad it does not show up in this photo.  I attach a metal button to a metal tag and attached the butterfly over the button.  Then I added  two tiny pearls to each side of the butterfly at the top of the wings.  I attached gold thread from the back and added two beads with gold metal tails hanging down that had been on a bracelet of mine.  This charm truly is made from "lost and found" items.  ")  I hope Pat enjoys its.

A Charm for Susan

This is the charm that I made for Susan's necklace.  I started with a round blank and attached the green  resin flower to it.  On the bottom ring of the blank, I added a large jump ring to which I added a puffy metal heart and three chains.  On the end of each chain I added little nuggets of jade.

Necklace round robin

Our Round Robin Project for our art club this year is making charms to go on a necklace.  Each member acquired/made the necklace of their choice and then made their first charm.  I used a heart bezel, cut out a ballerina laid her in the bottom the the bezel and added the aqua flower to the upper left of the heart and a fleur-de-lis at the bottom.  I added an aqua rhinestone to a large fleur-de-lis and hung the two together in the center of my chain necklace.  (I don't know why I didn't photograph it on the chain....probably was in a hurry to get it mailed out.)

The FINAL....really.......Fleur-de-lis Canvas

As I cleaned up my art table, I found the rhinestone fleur-de-lis that I had bought for the finishing touch to Abby's gift. So I unwrapped the canvas again, added the rhinestones, re-wrapped the canvas and tied the ribbon around it. It has now been delivered!