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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Character Constructions Paris Tag Swap

 For the Paris Tag Swap in the Yahoo Group Character Constructions, we made 5 tags, kept one, and sent in the other 4 to be swapped out.  We will get 4 tags returned.  If you have not been on this site, you are missing some very creative art work.  I have been very impressed by these ladies and their work.  Go have a look:  In fact, join us!

This is the tag I kept for myself.  It was the first one I made and I felt like the others improved as I continued working on the tags.  Catherine Moore has so many wonderful art doll stamps and many, many additional stamps to compliment the dolls.  I have several, but certainly not all of her stamps.  ")  She also has an online store at:  I named this doll:  At the Eiffel Tower.  My set is named "Touring Paris".
 I used the same cardstock (from K & Co's Blue Awning collection) for the skirt.  I alternated between pink and a lavendar for the top and the envelope trim at the bottom.  The gold paper used on the tag was bought in Paris as was the burgundy ribbon (from la droguerie in La Halle). The Paris tape used down the left side of the tag is from Cavallini.
 Some of the dolls have pearls as embellishments on the ribbon and some rhinestones.
 I stamped the letters on glossy card stock and cut them out separately.  I outlined each letter with a red Copic marker.  I also used brown to edge the tag, blue to edge the envelopes and burgundy to edge the dresses.  I cut a wide, crinkled ribbon into strips to add the tie at the top of tag.
 Stamps I used from Character Constructions plates were:  the dress and "pour vous": Bird and Bee Paperie #6; the arms, Bird and Bee Paperie #11; the bird, Nature History #3; face, Inner Child #7; "ooh la la",  Paris post mark, and tiny Paris tag, French Laundry #6,
For the back of my tag, I used the reverse side from the card stock used for the skirt.  I stamped the back with a fluer de lis stamp by Inkadinkado.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little Christmas Crafting

 My three girls and I had a great crafting day this past Saturday.  Just the four of us!  That hasn't happened for over 16 years!  We each worked on a wreath for our home.  I made this small one for my studio. Here you see it hanging on the door to my studio.
 I cut 100 strips of scrapbooking papers 1" X 6".  I used a flat foam wreathe base on which to pin the looped papers.  I found that it was easier to work with them if I taped the loop together before trying to pin it.  Otherwise, the loop kept uncurling.  This took quite some time to finish.  (But my daughter Ru made one from 500 coffee filters that took her nearly 5 hrs to make!  Turned out beautifully!)
This collection of paper is from French General, the Red Pack.  I love that they are double-sided, and, therefore they coordinate so well.  I only used about 6 papers, but because they are double-sided, it looks like I've used 12 different papers.  This wreathe base measured approximately 12".  I think if you used a 16-18", you would need to have about 300 strips of paper cut.  I used T-pins to secure them to the base.  The ones I used were actually too long.  Some of these pins stuck out of the back just enough to prick my fingers when I handled it.  If I make another one, I will look for shorter pins.  (If you're a seamstress/crafter and know of shorter ones, please contact me!  Thanks.)