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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sara's pages in my altered book......

 Sara did the whole month of February in my altered book.  I love that she chose to go with the Valentine or Love theme.  Her colors are so perfect for these pages.  The first two-page spread has this adorable little doll on the left side.  She is holding a piece of candy and a card that says "Be Mine".  I love the border at the top.  These pinks go so well with the green already on the left side of the page.  What a beautiful picture of roses on script paper as a back ground for this little doll.  The butterfly is a gorgeous touch.  The right side has a gorgeous white and gold heart medallion at the top and the lower right corner.  Sara has rubber stamped Browning's love poem, "How do I Love Thee" on white mulberry paper and added it to the left side of the page.  I love that she left the "February" showing at the top of the page.  She has cut a heart that also has roses on it to add next to the poem.  On little red bordered labels, she has added the words:  Love, Destiny and Forever.  She has made a little calendar to go in the upper right corner and added the definition for lover across it.
     On the next two-page spread, she has used a punch to make the scalloped edge and sewn lace and a Valentine ticket to the page.   I love that the ticket has a little message written to me on it.  ")  Over this page that features advertisements, she has added large Xs and Os.  She has also added a sweet little blue bird to the bottom of the page.  On the right side, she has attached a picture of a girl on a bridge in Paris and letters falling all around her.  Sara was also in Paris when our group was there.  She and her daughter Kimberly had signed up Catherine  Moore's group to go....which inspired the rest of us to go.   ")  We were able to meet up with them there.  So this picture on this bridge brings back some really good memories.  I love this red lacey heart tucked in behind the image.  The envelope is one she had received from Pat and she used it as a pocket on this page.  The pocket contains a little message from the original sender.....written in Italian so I have no idea what it says!  LOL  Sara has added another one of those sweet little hearts to this page.  She added a lacey washi tape around the edges of the image.
 The next two-page spread has some muted heart papers as the backgrounds.  The left side is a creamy color with light pinks and blues in the hearts.  She has sewn some mini Valentines down the center of this page and finished it off with a lace edge and some pink felt flowers with rhinestone centers.  The page on the right is pink with muted touches of cream around some of the hearts.   The focal image here is the little girl in a light pink dress with a darker pink bow in her hair.  Sara has sewn it to a piece of white paper on which she has used a punch to create a frame.  She added the square next to the photo which has the word CHERISH and the definition on it.  Below the photo she has added two dark pink tickets with "xoxoxo" and "Be Mine" rubber stamped onto them.  Also for the finishing touch to the page, she has added two of those pink felt flowers with rhinestone centers.
     For the last page, Sara has made the focal image the stack of tea cups.  I love the legs sticking out of the top cup!  She knows I usually add a touch a humor to my pages and I appreciate her humorous touch here!  Also love the quote from Alice in Wonderland:  " No time to say, hello! Good-bye!"   Sara has attached her signature card to a hand dyed ribbon with a safety pin and silver heart.  Sara has attached a pink tab to each of her pages.  Thank you Sara!


  1. Thank you Sharon for posting the altered calendar pages I made for you. I do believe making your project was my favorite for a few reasons: 1) I enjoyed being the last one to work in your calendar which gave me the freedom to do "whatever" 2) the lovely color ranges of shades of pink and roses made it fun to add my ephemera of the same color wave 3) my sister's birthday is Valentine's Day and mine is at the end of February so I am especially fond of February 4) You always do the extra mile for me and I loved returning the favor! I am thrilled that you love my pages! xxoxoxx xoxooooxxx!!

  2. The pages are lovely. I'm so glad I chose this book to work in. I'd love to do one every year on my own and make it very personal. It was fun. I'm so glad you were able to do February. ")