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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Susan's pages in my altered book....

 I am an avid bird watcher and love that Susan did my pages with this theme.  Have you ever seen so many postage stamps with bird images?!  Fabulous!  I love this image in the middle of the page.  What a gorgeous and unusual bird......I think it's an American hoopoe (?).   She has added some nice corner frames for the birdcage in upper right corner and bird in lower left corner.  Love the green.
 Susan painted these pages white before adding all these beautiful bird images.  I love that she die cut them with a label cutter.  The feathers are a most awesome addition!  The rubber stamped word "Fly" really give it a Victorian touch.  In the middle of the pages, Susan has added an acetate flap with a rubber stamped bird image on it.  She has also attached her signature card to it.  I love this page.
Susan has laid down a page with a nice bouquet in the center of it and bordered all around the page with more of those awesome postage stamps with bird image.  In the center of this page is a menu:  "Birdwatchers' Banquet".
              Enchanted Forest Green
         Exotic leafy vegetables with
     Canary yellow mustard vinaigrette

           Robin Red Breat Potato Nest
        Yukon Gold potatoes, deep fried in
       a nest and topped with cheese twigs

           Savory Faux Chicken Pot Pie
          Homemade crust, tofu squares, fresh
       vegetables and sprinkled with birdseed

              Drunken Berry Crumble
         Wild Olalieberries with cherry sauce
               Watch out for Windows

Isn't this just priceless!!!!  What a great stroke of genius, Susan!  These pages are delightful!  I  am so glad you did the whole month of January in my book.  Thank you!

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