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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More altered pages.....

These dreamy pages were done by Minori.  She has laid down a beautiful silvery blue and purple background.  On top of this, you has stamped these adorable tiny trees, cranes, and that sweet little boy.  She has also stamped
hearts around the pages.  I love the words (don't know if they are hand written or stamped): loved, inspired and home.  She has added some little birds in some of the trees.  Rub ons?  On top of this she has made some beautiful textured stars.  They are white and touched with gold.  Gorgeous!  Her signature card has a tiny little bow added to it and it has been stamped with those adorable trees.  Thank you, Minori!
      These pages were done by my dear friend Pat.  I love the pages edged with all the glorious pink, blue and purple blooms.  The envelope on the left side is also a pocket.  I believe the writing on the envelope is Italian.  Tucked into this pocket along with her signature card are a few religious cards and a photo of a young girl in her confirmation dress.  I love the jewel and the ribbon on the signature card.  The right side has a triptych stamped on top of a postcard which she has sewn onto some decorative paper and then added some lace to the bottom of the card and adhered it to the page.  She has added this adorable "angel".  She made wings for this little darling from toile and papers.  I love this!  Pat's quote starts at the top of the page and ends along the bottom where she has used a label maker for the words:  "Angels are amonst us always".  Sweet!
      For Pat's second two-page layout, she has used the colors:  red, white, blue.  I not sure but I think this is Italian for the ascention of this by the painter Ferragosto.....or have I totally missed the mark here?  Pat?  I guess I'll have to email her and come back to correct it if I'm way off on this.  ").  I love that Pat did all the pages for August!  Thanks, Pat!

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