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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Altered book pages

 These pages were done by Jan.  Lots of details here.  ")  Love the collage!  These hanging branches are such a favorite of mine.....and I think of Jan's!  The alphabet is dry embossed.  (I'm a little alpha crazy!  love it!)  I really like the way she added the bird and the moon to the image in the upper left corner.  The image of the man with the details above his head give him a Roman look.  I like the way she added the fruit to the tree limbs.  Really looks like it belongs to those branches.  Her signature card has the "Genuine" on it.  Very nice touch.  On the right side, Jan used the word of the month May to start her quote:  "May your heart be filled with joy".  I love the image of the Chinese man holding the baby.....perfect for the quote.  ")  I haven't decided if the woman in the upper left corner of this page is a cat woman or a dog dressed up in a woman's dress, but it is priceless!  Nice touches with the stars and the bird at the bottom of the page.  Thanks, Jan!

The Asian themed pages were done by Marsha.  This theme is one of my favorite and I never seem to get to use it very much.  I was delighted when I saw that Marsha had used it for these pages in my altered book.  She has added so very many items that evoke a sense of the Oriental.  The folded money is one of my favs on the left hand page.  I love Marsha's use of the fortune cookie strips.  (HMmmm, is she among the many of us who save them all?!!  LOL)  Love her fans on this page.  I really like the touch of red in those felt cut-out butterflies across the corner of the page.  Her rubber stamped image of the lady with all the tags hanging off is beautifully colored.  She has used layers of Asian newspaper panels to backdrop all of her images.  I don't want to forget that sweet Koi faux postage stamp.....beautifully layered with gold paper.  The right hand page has as a focal point the chopstick paper cover and that gorgeous green paper umbrella!  Love it!  I don't know what those strips of paper are that stick out from the geisha faux postage stamp, but the cutouts on the ends are really delicate.  And just love all the fortune cookie strips..........and they all speak of talents.  Great job, Marsha!

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