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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Smash book (?)

 I've had this Smash book for 2 years....  yes, I know it's supposed to be a fast paced little book to slap things down with a little glue and move on along.  BUT every time I turned a page, my head was filled with all kinds of ideas of wonderful ways to decorate it.  Soooo, it has taken me two years to get this far.  Yeah....I'm not though yet.
Mary Engelbriet is one of my favorite artists.  I love all the dear children she draws and all the wonderful quotes she puts with her art work.  I used "Running Away From Home" (upper left) because I feel like I've run away from everything when I'm involved with my art.  I also used this perky little girl next to the chair to invite everyone in for look.


  1. Love, love the running away from home. I can understand the sentiment as making art is for me a meditation zone.

  2. It is a time of meditation, isn't it. I love the creating process that allows my mind to relax and consider new ideas. Thanks for commenting, Sara. ")