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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Smash pgs 7 & 8

 This guy is really trying to look French.....maybe he is.....but I thought he was funny!  LOL   I had cut out the word EXPLORE and thought this was the perfect page for it.  At the bottom is a photo of Pat, myself, Judi and Susan on our way to the flea market at Clignancourt.  The flea markets were our favorite thing to do while there.  ")  We were actually able to go to a street one for the neighborhood where we stayed.  It was such fun.
I used these two pages to collage photos of people, places and things on our trip there.  On the right side I put 10 of my Favorite Things in Paris and surrounded it with a few photos.


  1. I like your Paris entries. I would have to say the photo of the man does look like he's trying to be French....I think it might be his placement of his hat?! In any case, he made me laugh and he's prefect for your Explore entry. It sounds like you had a great time "exploring" the flea markets!

  2. I loved the flea markets. ") This guy's whole demeanor says "I'm a Frenchman!" Look at that wink and that half smile. LOL I love him!