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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Smash book pgs 11 - 14

 I don't even know how long I've had the page on the right.  Those two little girls having their tea party is so like my little girls playing with their friends when they were little.  I tore that page out of a magazine and kept it for years.  I also had saved various tea bag pouches hoping to use them some day in an art project.
 I decided to glue them across the pages and make tags with "tea" quotes on them.  Each tag has a ribbon tied in the end to make it easy to pull out of the pouch and read the quote.  I cut the blue coffee cup from one of our coffee bags.
Here I pulled out two tags to show how I put the quotes on the tags.  I also saved numerous Stevia and Truvia pouches to glue to the pages.  I also have several tea-themed rubber stamps that I used on these pages.

I am not through with this book yet.  (**)  I have a page with a horse on it and I'm looking through photos to find some of our daughters with their horses when they were young.  Also, I have another page that says "You have bright ideas"........trying to come up with an idea for that page!  LOL


  1. We must be on the same wave length. I just posted my smash journal which was so much fun to do. I like your tea pockets which reminded me of the artist sign-in pages I made for my Alice in Wonderland round-robin. Gosh, it makes me want to find that book and enjoy it all over again and seeing your smash journal inspires me to start another one. I have so many note taking books to reinvent!

  2. I know what you mean, Sara! Every time I look at your art work, I think "oh, I've got to do that!" I love sharing art with you and my other art sisters. What a joy, what a wonderful part of my life. I thank God for that! ")