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Monday, January 5, 2015

Documented Faith

 I'm joining Stephanie Ackerman and her Documented Faith group this year.  It is all about growing in your faith.  Using words of faith in your art work and learning your strengths in Christ.  We are using a Moleskin daily calendar for our journals.
I placed a strip of washi tape down the opening side of my journal because I haven't decided yet whether or not I'm going to decorate the front.
 Each page is edged with colorful washi tape to make them stronger.  A year of turning these pages is bound to cause some wear and tear.  I think it is gorgeous!
The first word that Stephanie sent to us was TRUTH.
Yeah......I wrote down Trust......and AFTER I worked on my page this week, then I noticed it was Truth.  So,
I'm not in sinc with everyone else.  But, I did have a good week of Bible study.  ")

I love this little card.  I've got to check my Etsy order and see who sent it.  I've ordered so many things lately that I can't remember.  I'll be back to update this post when I figure that out.  ")  (I've got ideas of making myself a deck of cards in a similiar of  my addictions is altering playing cards.  ")  You can see some of my altered cards at:


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  2. This maybe redundant as I don't think my first comment was recorded....BUT just in case, I wrote "Great journal to record such positive faith reinforcements! I love your clever idea of adding the washi tape to the edges of the pages. Not only does that give protection against fraying of the pages but WOW...packs a punch of deliciousiness (I am making that a word) to your journal. If you're up to sharing, I'd love to see this book up close and personal. There's going to be a time when we can have lunch together! xxoooxx

  3. I thought I replied to this but evidently it is lost in cyber space. LOL I love doing my Bible study every day as I always learn something new about myself and my God..... mostly about HIS graciousness to me. The washi tape idea was recommended by Stepanie to reinforce our pages as we will be in this daily. I'm excited to think that you may actually be here for us to go to lunch!!! xoxo Love ya, girl, and really miss you!

    1. Oooopps! misspelled "Stephanie". (**)