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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Published in Take Ten

I usually photograph my submissions before I send them in.   Forgot to do so with this one.  Therefore, the shadow on the left side of this photo is from the roll of the magazine as the card was next to it.   I could not get it to lie any flatter, so please excuse my horrible photography.  :(
     This card was sent in for the design challenge that Take Ten always has in their isssues.   I love doing them as I like a challenge!   But, alas, I don't always have time to get them in by the deadline.  
     So, I was very glad to see that this one not only made it, but was published!
These are some of my favorite colors:  the turquoise, lime green (or chartreuse, if you prefer :) and orange.   The paper I used contained all these colors!   How exciting is that?!   The reverse side had the lime green design and was perfect to show off the orange dragonflies I stamped and cut out to add to the circles.   I love the tiny blue bird washi tape that I used at the top.   I thought this made a delightful card.
     Thank you, Devin Warren and all your staff at Take Ten for the great work you do!
     Happy creating!   sharon  aka  inkybru

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