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Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Dress Banner: Finished!

I hung the dress banner on my bedroom wall above the futon.  Next week my bed will be underneath the banner.  Just couldn't wait to hang it up...........hmm, I may have to hitch it up a little higher.  Amazing how you don't notice those little things until after you posted your pic!  LOL  My first thought with the birds was, "Oh, no!  They look like antlers!"  I love them anyway and am so glad to have this project completed.  It is such a shame that so many of the projects I have started are boxed and put away or in drawers awaiting me to remember where I have put them!  LOL   After I rearrange my bedroom, I'll take another photo for an update.  ")


  1. Your banner is so adorable! I am so glad that you found a place to hang it where you can enjoy it each day.

  2. Thanks again, Sara! I did raise the banner just a little. It seemed a little off to me so I adjusted it. Don't know when I'm going to find time to get my room rearranged. ")