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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Birds Galore!

I decided it was time to think of a way to hang all those darling little dresses I had received in the last round robin for the art club I'm in.  I had seen a little clothes line with tiny black bird clips to hang things on.  Well, I searched and surfed until my vision was blurry and my hand going numb!  Couldn't find them on any of the sites I could remember visiting.  So I decided I'd just have to make something similar.  I had a few tiny bird cut-outs and thought they would be about right to put on the ends of clothes pins and that way my little dresses would have birds on their clothes line.  I used some of my alcohol inks and smeared them together on glossy cardstock.  Next I drew around some of the little birds to get a pattern going.  Then I decided to make one of the patterns with a scalloped tail.  I ended up with 9 dresses (3 of them my own design) and would need 18 clothes pins.  Therefore I had to have 36 birds.  I cut them out, being careful to have sets of birds facing each other.  Once I got them cut out, I attached them with glue dots to 1 3/4" mini clothes pins.  I wanted the clothes pins to be attached to the clothes line.  When I tied them to the "line", it just looked to messy and bulky, so I used a very strong clear glue and placed a dot of it in the recessed area of the pin and pressed the line down into it.  This process took a few days because I wanted to be very sure that it was dry and the pins very securely attached before I moved each pair aside to measure for the next pair of birds.


  1. Awesome Sharon! The birds are wonderful and I think you're making them is even better! They are a great addition to your dress banner!!

  2. Thank you, Sara. It was one of those processes that takes discipline and I need that in my creative life, too. ") I shy away from those processes that demand discipline and take time. So this was very good for me! LOL