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Sunday, April 28, 2013

21 Secrets Workshop

Dirty Footprints Studio is doing a 21 Secrets Workshop currently.  I participated in Carissa Paige's class to start.  She is so full of energy, imagination and did some wonderful videos for this class.  Here class is called "Following the Wild Winds" in this artful life.  I followed the wild winds on my daily walk and time of prayer and meditation and came back with these photos and reflections.  I compared the "tunnel" cloud to the tunnel in which I find myself  from time to time....searching in the dark for that "thing" that will spark an idea and give inspiration to do a work.  The spider web I used to illustrate the many paths in the art world and realizing that one cannot follow them all.  And, realizing that one's inner spirit will give guidance to the path that should be taken.

This little bench by the river is a spot that my husband and I both cherish.  It is a wonderful place to contemplate, give thanks to the Creator, and just praise His creation.  Fog was on the river this particular morning and reminded me of my foggy mind during times of difficulty with a piece of work.  The wind calmed as I sat there and the johnson grass began to stand up as it ebbed.  As I pray and meditate my soul began to calm and I asked for guidance as I contemplated my life and the joy I have in Him and His gift of creativity with me.  As I left, I turned and the fog had lifted, the little bench flooded with sunlight.  I was reminded of Jesus' words:  "Peace, be still."

Carissa asked us to paint a page with wild abandon and go on a Vision Quest with that free spirit we had as children.  I have always had a love affair with trees and birds.  As you can imagine, I see many of both as I walk to the river and back.  I loved climbing trees as a young girl and would not quit until I had climbed as high as the branches would allow.  I placed the little bird sticker in the top of the photo of the tree I used on this page.   The sentiment I wrote below the photo says:  Go all the way to the top!  HIGHER!                            

Carissa also asked us to look at the page to see if an image would begin to take shape as we worked on it.  I had stamped a large fleur-de-lis on both pages.  On the second page I could visualize a girl taking shape on this stamped image.  Since I am not comfortable yet to publically show my sketching skills, I cut out the head of a young girls and glued it above the fleur-de-lis.  I drew hands as in prayer on the very top part of the image which made the side "flags" of the image look like wings morphing from her body.  The I drew legs from the bottom of the image.  This is my "Wild Abandon" page.  I would like to think that the Lord God will allow me to fly like a bird in eternity as I sing praises to Him!

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