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Friday, April 6, 2012

 Postage stamps make good images for these tiny notes, too.  The Snow White image is a cancelled postage stamp.  And the orange flower is from a photo.  Don't throw out those photos you think are "bad" until you look closely to see if anything on it could be used on a tiny note.  ") 
Some times the scrapbooking paper might even have a hidden image in it like the horse on the dark pink ard on the left.  Even a piece of film strip and a puzzle piece make good embellishments on them.

These cards are gifts for the ladies that I meet with every Tuesday morning for Bible study.  It's a surprise, so don't tell!  ")


  1. What great cards for your friends and I am sure they will be over the moon with delight!

  2. Thank you, Sara. I took them Tuesday and they were delighted. I received many thanks and compliments. I love it when someone actually appreciates something I have made for them ")