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Friday, April 6, 2012

More and more tiny notes.........................

I feel like I'm not being wasteful if I use up all my scraps making these cards.  I use 2"X4" strips for the card and then find images or stamp images to go onto the fronts.  You really have to think "tiny" when gathering everything to make them.  I have a small round basket that I put items in and keep it close by while making cards.  I hardly ever throw out small pieces of papers that I paint, ink and doodle on because they are just the thing to dress up a tiny note.  (The card with the copper edging has a strip of watercolor paper that was a scrap from some paper I made using my watercolor paints.......and usually the cheaper the paint the better because you can throw caution to the wind and not be afraid to use lots of color.........for only pennies!)

I love the sheets of scrapbook paper that have lots of images on them such as "graphic45" and "7gypsies".  Also Art Chix have many, many collage sheets that are handy to have for making the tiny notes.

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