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Friday, April 6, 2012

See what I've been doing............

There are 144 Tiny Notes in this pile of cards.  These were first published in Stampington's  Autumn 2008 issue of Take Ten and then again in their Volume 7  issue of Hand Crafted.  I love to make these tiny notes as gifts for friends because we all have that moment when we're rushing out to a birthday party or shower and realize we didn't pick up a card.  These little darlings are so easy to sign and throw into the gift bag or to tie onto a package. 

 I use various sentiments on the tiny notes in order to
include as many events as I can.  Here you see the "be happy" card in center bottom which could be used for a wedding gift.  The pastel card at the top center of the pile with the blue chipboard button that has a white flower on it would be perfect for a baby shower.  Some of the sentiments I computer generate and I have rubber stamps for others.


  1. Your cards may be tiny but they look like they pack a punch of inspiration! Great collection....makes me want to dig in the pile and choose a few!

  2. LOL Yes, they were a "punch of inspiration"! You are most welcome to dig into the pile, Sara. It's just good to be creating again. It has been a rough winter, but my prayer is that Spring is bringing new life to my creativity. ")