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Friday, October 21, 2011

In the Garden..........

This is another view of the garden at the hotel.  This area is to the left of the door at the front of the hotel.  I believe the hotel has 50 rooms, so you can see they have lots of seating outside.  There is also a dining room inside.  The weather was so nice in the mornings and the evenings that we always sat outside.....breakfast in the mornings, supper or just visiting in the evenings.

Here is Pat coming over from the Garden Bldg.  Her room was on the top floor and Susan's room was down one floor directly under Pat's room.  (Doesn't she look ready to lead her little duckies on a tour?!  We threatened several times to make her a little flag to hold up as she led us around Paris.  ")  What would we have done without her?......not as well, I think!  Thank you, Pat, for putting up with us!  Love you!)

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