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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hotel Des Grande Ecoles From the Street

This is the street in front of the Hotel Des Grande you can see from the hotel sign.  It is uphill all the way! 

After entering the gates, a cobblestone drive leads you up to the top where you encounter the garden and to the left is the main hotel lobby and office.  To the right is the Garden Bldg.  (I never heard what they called the two buildings that flank the drive.)

This is one of the gates (doors) that are closed at night.  To get back in one has to put the device attached to the room key up to the electronic reader next to the gate.  When it buzzes you can open the door and get in.  These doors are massive.  Notice the keypad and key reader to the right of the door.   Also the handle on the door.

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