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Friday, October 21, 2011

The windows in our room (Judi and Sharon) were very tall skinny windows......OPEN all the time because there it was very hot and air conditioning.   About 2AM it would cool down and we could sleep under a cover.  ")  Sometimes we even opened the door to our room to encourage a draft or draw of air through the windows and the room.  It was such a surprise to some of neighbors in the adjoing room.  LOL   But, all in all, they would just smile and say good day or Bonjour.    (We never left it open at night, of course!)  The view from the window was across a private drive into the apartments you can see.  We had some interesting views from this window.  Every morning an old man would come out on his patio and draw or proof read a manuscript (well, that's our story, anyway!  LOL).  On school days the sounds of children skipping, laughing and talking would draw us to the window to see them being escorted by fathers/mothers down the drive and through the gate.  The school was close by for we could hear the children in the day time playing on the grounds and also hear the school bell ring.   Late at night we could hear the revelers from the local pubs/resteraunts as they laughed, talked and sometimes argued on the street just outside the drive gate.

Our room number was 106 and we had a very short hallway with a door to close it off......which we always left open.  Occasionally one of our neighbors would close it, but not often.

This is the man on the patio to the left of our window.  He was there every morning....very diligent on his work.


  1. What great views from your windows! They are such "typical" views for beautiful! -- Sharla

  2. It was quite a "window" into our neighborhood. We saw the homemakers, the school children, business people leaving for work, grandparents with grandchildren and shopping bags/carts, lovers holding hands and kissing as they walked along, and, of course, the party revelers. ") We even saw a couple working on their kitchen....obviously getting ready to move out because by the end of the week there were new tennants in the apartment. Thanks for visiting and posting. ")