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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Off to Versailles!

 We finally made it onto the RER (trains going out of Paris).....after many, many steps in the Metro to get to our designated platform.  I've never seen so many stairways!
Susan and I were often behind.....the last little duckies in the line.  ")  She has had ankle surgery and I have COPD.   Needless to say, some of the walking uphill and up and down so many stairs was exhausting for us.

Jan also looks very happy to have made it on the train!  LOL   These photos are courtesy of Barb Wenkel.  Thanks, Barb!
Well, this ride only lasted about 15 minutes.......there was an accident and they shut down the RER for several hours.  We had to backtrack to find a Metro line that would take us all the way out to Versailles.

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