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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Objects of interest...............

The Bureau de Roi (the king's desk) was commissioned by Louis XV and started by Jean-Francois Oeben.  He started constructing the desk in 1760.  Oeben died before finishing the desk.  Jean Henri Riesener married Oeben's widow and finished the desk in 1769.  It is covered with intricate marquetry of various woods.  Louis XV and XVI carried out their daily kingly duties at this desk.  It was taken to the Louvre when Louis XVI and Marie Antionette when taken during the French Revolution and stayed there until the 20th century when the Louvre returned it to the Palace at Versailles.

Chandeliers such as these decorate the rooms and halls throughout the palace.  These lead crystal chandeliers were made in the north Bohemic region, known today as the Czech Republic.  Glassmaking in that area had been greatly treasured since the fourteenth century. 

This is another of the scientific inventions that Louis XIV had brought to Versaille.  It is one of the first to measure barometric pressure.

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