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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gardens at Versailles

 I had really wanted to tour the gardens, but there were hardly any blooms left.  So I just took photos from the windows of the palace as I toured it.  ")
This small pond is part of the fountains when they are on...............only on weekends.......

This larger pool has numerous fountain spigots as you can easily see in the cernter of it.
 I love the layout of this pool and the longer one further down in the garden.  Louis XIII started the gardens about 1632 by appointing Claude Mollet and Hilaire Masson to work on the planning of these beautiful gardens.  By the 1660's, Louis XIV had appointed Andre Le Notre to make additions.  And then later, Louie Le Vau to plan the Orangerie, which allowed the palace to have oranges even in winter.

                                  I love this heart-shaped bed.  Too bad all the blooms were gone.  I'm sure it is quite gorgeous when all the flowering plants are in high season.                                                  

These little cone shaped trees look like little soldiers standing in a row.  Everything about these gardens are so symmetrical and so manicured.

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