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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer's Bounty

 These beautiful red potatoes came out of our summer garden.  We have used them all summer.  I just had to buy potatoes at the grocery store last week.  I was very disappointed in them when I started going through the sack to prepare potatoes for supper.  I went back this week and hand picked the ones I wanted from a bin stacked high with some pretty good potatoes.
This is a late bounty of yellow pear tomatoes, little plum tomatoes and some smaller beef steak tomatoes.  The beef steak tomatoes were much larger in the middle of the summer.   We had two very large tomato plants in the middle of a raised bed that really produced some nice tomatoes.  But we had two very strong wind storms, too.  The first storm blew down one of them, basket and all, and broke it off.   Later the second storm took out the other one and we lost our large tomato supply.  The little pear tomatoes and plum tomatoes have been very nice, but now due to no rain we're losing them, too.   The squash was a wonderful source of food for us this summer.  We had both zuccini and yellow long-neck squash.  We also had a few cucumbers along the way.   We did have an abundant supply of onions which we are still using.   They are harvested and in a basket in my kitchen.  It seems the only survivors are the hot peppers:  cayennes, jalapenos, and chilies.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our fresh vegetables, thanks to all the work of my dear husband, Doug.  ")

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  1. Hi Sharon!
    I saw the comment you left on Jackie's blog about missing the class in OKC and being from Tulsa. I too live in Tulsa and am always looking for other creative people over here.
    I hope to get a chance to meet you and your crafty friends - I'd love to get together.