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Monday, September 16, 2013

Dress from Sara

 This is the dress that Sara made for my dress banner.  This must be paper that Sara has made.  This is the "sailor dress" pattern that I included with my templates.  I love the ric-rac for the pleats down the front.  Also the "kindred spirits" she put on the tag.  The Japanese postage stamp on the dress has a similar color pattern.  I think she must have embossed the trim on the collar and the sleeves, too.   Love the colors!
The paper on the back of the dress has a butterfly and a partial label printed on it.  I like  that Sara chose that spot to sign her name.  Thanks Sara!


  1. Thank you for your wonderful compliments! The postage stamp came from Minori's package and it was the perfect color combo - the playful image reminded me of how much fun and laughter you add to a friendship.

    I wish I had made the background was from the "Artist collection" that comes in a Somerset Studio magazine. I started using the original papers because you can hold onto stuff for only so long!

    I know that the color scheme is one of your favorites and I do try not using it for you ALL the time, but's hard!

  2. Thanks for posting, Sara. I love the paper the chose, and, yes it is a favorite theme of mine and it is hard for me not to use it all the time, too! ") The paper you used on the back of the dress is from a collection that I have used quite a lot in making journals. I must get my Somerset paper stash out! I have removed papers from so many of their magazines and stored them in a folder. I always forget to look through them. Thanks again for posting.